Overview of models and operating rules hoods Faber

 Overview of models and operating rules hoods Faber

Today the market has a huge selection of manufacturers of kitchen hoods. A special place among them deserves the company Faber. The brand of Italian origin with a narrow focus on the manufacture of hoods has been operating since 1955, and during this time he managed to conquer his segment of this market.

About the manufacturer

Faber hoods are produced in a factory in Italy. This manufacturer deals exclusively with exhaust systems, believing that this is the only way to guarantee high quality equipment. Products are regularly changing and complemented by the latest decor.This contributed to the rapid development in the local market, and then going beyond the borders of the country and consolidating at the global level. Now the company is among the top three manufacturers in the world.

A distinctive feature of Faber from other brands in this industry is its own center of scientific and technical developments, where specialists with a high level of qualification are engaged in the development of innovative technology that cleans the air. The company has repeatedly received awards for innovation and high achievements in the industry. Currently, the center staff is exploring ways to reduce the level of noise emitted during operation of the exhaust system.

Faber hoods are distinguished by high durability and reliability, and wear-resistant structures blend harmoniously into the interior of any room. For the manufacture of the case using high-quality plastic and steel materials with enamel coating. They are decorated with high temperature resistant glass and wood, which is treated with a special protective agent. All products have a certificate of world standard ISO and a two-year quality guarantee, and repair of hoods is very simple.

Due to the fact that the hoods of this brand look harmonious and stylish, they are used by many families of Italy. Representative offices of the company operate worldwide, 7 Faber factories produce equipment.

There are three main product lines that are produced at the enterprise:

  • Standart - products of this segment are intended for the mass consumer with average incomes and are sold through retail stores;
  • Kitchen - line for customers with higher requirements for the appearance and functionality of the device;
  • Premium - a series of designer hoods.

Criterias of choice

Being engaged in the choice of exhaust system for the kitchen, it is necessary to immediately identify certain criteria that are crucial in this matter.


Modern apartments have a kitchen with a large area (especially studio apartments), and it is important that the performance of the hood was designed for these dimensions. As a rule, Faber hoods are powerful enough, but it is still worth counting the throughput before making a purchase. For this there is a simple formula - the total area of ​​the room and the height of the ceiling are multiplied by the coefficient of air renewal, which is 12.This coefficient corresponds to sanitary standards, in which the air in the kitchen is completely updated approximately every 5 minutes.


All Faber products have electronic control, therefore, it is worth considering its pros and cons.


  • possibility of the choice of the push-button or touch control unit;
  • remote control (not available on all models);
  • additional modes and options (intensive mode, sleep timer).


  • there are software failures;
  • spontaneous on / off;
  • high sensitivity to voltage drops.


All modern models have halogen or LED lighting, which is the most economical and durable. Light is the most natural, therefore the natural color rendition of the dishes that are being prepared is preserved.

Noise level

This criterion is very important, although many do not give it the necessary attention. The optimal level of a working device must be in the range of 35-45 dB, but in order to meet these indicators, you have to sacrifice the performance of the equipment. Therefore, most powerful hoods exceed the optimum noise level.You should choose a technique with a margin of performance, this will help minimize the negative impact of noise. It is also important to monitor the cleanliness of the filters.

Types of filters

There are two types of filters - fat and coal. The first type is designed for the rough cleaning of air from grease and other large particles. They are equipped with hoods Faber. Most often, they are reusable and are perfectly washed with soapy water, less often you can find disposable paper filters.

For a deeper cleaning of the air and for the circulation mode, a carbon filter is required. It must be purchased additionally. Enough for 2-6 months, depending on the level of air pollution in the room.


To the main technical characteristics of hoods include the following parameters:

  • type (chimney, built in, inclined, suspended, table);
  • mode (recirculation, retraction);
  • power consumption;
  • maximum performance;
  • number of speeds;
  • lighting;
  • control board (touch, button);
  • noise level.

Model overview

The design of Faber hoods is their hallmark, a kind of business card company.For anyone, even the most unusual kitchen, you can pick up your unique copy, moreover, this technique has high efficiency and functionality.

All devices are designed to remove contaminated air from the premises.

If you want to maximize the efficiency of devices, you need to follow a few tips:

  • to increase productivity, and to reduce the noise level, it is worth choosing plastic pipes instead of corrugated ones, they create less resistance to air flow, which is output to the outside;
  • Remember that bends and sharp turns also interfere with the free movement of air;
  • To avoid the effect of reverse thrust, the air outlet should be set up directly outside, and not through the ventilation of the building.

Consider several popular models of the manufacturer.

Faber cocktail xs wh a55

This white hood is made in an oblique format. This color is considered a classic, so fit almost any kitchen interior. It has a capacity of up to 530 m³ of air per hour. The carbon filter is included in the basic package. There is a filter pollution indicator that tells you when to use consumable parts.You can adjust the fan speed and timer settings.

Advantages: great design, high performance, timer.

Disadvantages: high noise level at maximum speed, brand surface, which will often have to be cleaned.

Faber Cocktail WH A80

Wall hood oblique type is made in white. Quite a large throughput capacity - up to 660 m³ / h. It is completed with a carbon filter.

Advantages: modern design, relatively low cost, good performance.

There are no special shortcomings and shortcomings.

Faber Eko XS EG6 BK A55

The model is made of stainless steel and painted black. High throughput - up to 750 m³ / h. The range of noise ranges from 43 to 62 dB, depending on the load. There is a remote control.

Advantages: good design, high performance, timer and filter pollution indicator.

Disadvantages: high price.

Detailed instructions on the installation features, study the specific set of functions and technical characteristics will help the instructions for hoods Faber.

Island hoods

Island hoods Faber deserve special attention.Unusual design solutions are combined with advanced air purification technologies. There are original hood-chandeliers, fantastic art objects, simple geometric shapes - cubes and cylinders, made of various materials and colors. Island hood can take a central place in the interior of the room, becoming a whole art object or take a neutral position.

Hoods chandeliers

Such models are designed specifically for modern interiors. They perfectly soften and bring the necessary accents due to the optical and light effects.

There are the following lines:

  • Arkea;
  • Luxia;
  • Kaleidos;
  • Pareo;
  • Skylift.


Square shapes are great for interiors of different styles, starting with the classics and ending with high-tech. Characterized by the presence of a hidden control panel and perimeter ventilation.

You can find the following varieties of this model:

  • Lybra;
  • Cubia Isola.

Hoods Cylinders

Hood has a cylindrical shape and fits perfectly into the ultra-modern kitchen interiors. If you skillfully beat, they will look organic in a classic kitchen design and minimalist style.

Presented in the following lines:

  • Cylindra Isola Gloss;
  • Drop;
  • Cassiopea Isola.

Users leave a lot of feedback on the model of the hood of this company. Mostly positive responses - customers note good performance, quick air cleaning, easy operation of devices.

Among the negative aspects - strong noise at high speeds and the need to frequently clean the filters.

Operating rules

It does not matter which model you decide to purchase, proper care will require each of them.

  • Turn on the hood before cooking, and turn off only after the air in the room is fresh.
  • Do not cook over an open fire - this may cause a fire.
  • When cooking for a long time, try to keep the windows open.
  • Clean the filters promptly. A clean filter will allow air to pass through, refreshing it faster, but oil may start dripping from the dirty one.
  • Wipe the device regularly with a damp cloth before de-energizing it. Reusable filters can be cleaned in warm water with a degreasing agent.

Review the various models of hoods Faber, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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