Varieties and features of the installation of hoods Falmec

The kitchen is both a pleasant place to eat, and a space to work on cooking. In order for both to pass perfectly, it is not enough to plan the space, buy good furniture and acquire a supply of food. It is important to remove from the room almost continuously produced harmful vapors and odors.

Special features

Modern hood Falmec completely solves the problem of ventilation in the kitchen, while creating an original and positive atmosphere. For more than a quarter century, Falmec S. p. A manufactures high-quality products and continuously improves them. The corporation has established cooperation with such advanced kitchen manufacturers as "Scavolini", "Febal", "Berloni".Italian developers managed to achieve impressive heights in everything related to product quality, the use of new technologies, the use of selected materials and the external attractiveness of products. The company is trying to achieve a combination of excellent design and the highest technical characteristics, in which it is quite successful.

Falmec implements:

  • over 70 common models of air pulling devices;
  • more than 500 of their private versions;
  • options performed strictly for personal orders.

Positive and negative sides

Falmec exhaust devices differ from the products of competing companies:

  • excellent performance level;
  • small dimensions;
  • high functionality;
  • a wide range of geometric and color solutions;
  • practicality;
  • convenience of setting;
  • energy efficiency.

The disadvantage can only be called the high price of the product, because its main part falls on the elite segment.

The lineup

Flipper 85 NRS Vetro Nero

In the line of the Italian manufacturer there are various inclined kitchen hoods fireplace and wall execution. An example of such a device is the Flipper 85 NRS Vetro Nero.The width of the structure reaches 0.85 m, and the maximum free flow of air is 1280 cubic meters. m. in 60 minutes. The company gives a warranty of 36 months and confirms the class of consumption of electric current A. The drawing depth reaches 0.4 m. The product is painted in a noble black color and has a glass front panel.

The system is controlled by an electronic unit. It can be used to remove air, and to clean it and then return to the room. The device can switch to 4 different speeds. As for the carbon filters, they are not included in the basic delivery and must be purchased separately. The noise level varies from 33 to 66 dB.

Aluminum filters are provided to trap grease (they can be cleaned in a dishwasher). Noise reduction is provided by the method of NRS, which allows not to reduce the power and air pressure.

You will learn more about the noise reduction technique of the NRS by watching the following video.

Aria NRS Glass Black 80

An alternative is the Aria NRS Glass Black 80 wall hood. The digital index at the end of the name indicates the overall width of the structure.Ultimate system performance also reaches 1280 cu. m. in 60 minutes, as in the previous model. Current consumption category - B. The front panel is made of glass. Both textual and symbolic information can be displayed on the screen. The hood is designed to work in filtration and aspiration modes at three different speeds through a 15 cm flange.

There is a stainless steel fat filter. It can be removed and washed. Control of the exhaust occurs through the action of sensory equipment. In the production of the front panel used tempered glass. The lighting is made of LEDs, there is a function of 24 hours.

Marilyn IS WH

In addition to wall and fireplace extracts, island modifications from the Italian manufacturer are very popular. A striking example of such products is the Marilyn IS WH model, which reaches a width of 0.67 m. The maximum capacity in the mode of free air leaving is 720 cubic meters. The front panel, made of ceramic, is painted white. The system is controlled by a sensor mechanism, and information about its work is displayed on the screen.

The device is able to work only in the air purification mode. When connected to the channel, it pumps no more than 450 cubic meters. m. per hour, there are three variations of speeds. The scope of supply includes carbon filters. The volume of the sound produced varies from 56 to 65 dB. Air purification is performed using the E. ion system, a perimeter suction function is implemented, as well as automatic recognition of polluted atmosphere.

Gruppo Incasso Pro

A good example of a built-in hood can be called Gruppo Incasso Pro. The product width is 810 mm, depth - 280 mm. The hood is made of stainless steel, equipped with LED lighting and electronic control. Use the remote can be, but it should be purchased separately. Aspiration and filtration are possible. Standard flange - 0.15 m.

Tips for choosing

Before you decide what kind of hood to put in the kitchen, you need to not only analyze whether there is enough space to install a particular model, and what consumers are saying about it in the reviews. Be sure to find out whether the system performance is sufficient. The larger the room served, the higher the power required. Also note that the size of the pulling device must be proportional to the main cooking surface.In addition, it is necessary to determine the type of device. It can be dome, island, inclined or built-in execution.

    In some cases, it is possible to restrict oneself to the regime of withdrawal, in others it is necessary to ensure recycling. It is worth thinking which control will be more convenient for you (electronic or mechanical format). The appearance of the hood should be taken into account if the kitchen is designed in the original style or made according to the author's concept. Failure to comply with this requirement will lead to the fact that the product will damage the perception of the premises as a single complex or create an absurd dissonance.

    Operating parameters are directly dependent on the use of such additional parts as carbon filters. These systems are divided into coal, coke, peat and impregnated type options. Geometry distinguish flat, rounded, concave products, as well as rectangular structures.

    When a suitable hood is selected, it will be important to install it correctly. It is impossible to make mistakes, because any of them can devalue all investments. The hoods of the circulation circuit are the easiest to install.But the flow and combined modifications require the creation of a discharge channel. It is made with the minimum number of bends.

    You should also carefully select the height above the hob, which will be raised hood. With an excessive approach to the stove, it can melt and deform under the action of strong heat. If you raise the channel excessively, the effectiveness of collecting bad odors will be insufficient.

    Typically, above the gas stoves, the input device is placed at a height of 0.7-0.8 m, and above the electric ones - 0.6-0.7 m.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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