Hansa hoods: types, details of selection and installation

 Hansa hoods: types, details of selection and installation

To date, the market for technical products can meet a huge number of different extracts from different brands. One of the most popular manufacturers is the German brand Hansa, which produces luxury quality products at very competitive prices. Before acquiring hoods from this brand, it is worthwhile to become more familiar with products of German quality, its features, varieties and advice on choosing from experts in their field.

Special features

The German brand Hansa is considered relatively young, since it appeared only in 1997.

Today, the products of this brand are represented in more than 20 countries around the globe, including Russia.

  • Products from the brand meets not only European, but also international quality standards.
  • Hoods and other technical devices are completely safe for humans and the environment. And also they are very easy to use.
  • Hansa products are licensed, one of the top 10 manufacturers of technical products for the kitchen in our country.
  • Today, in the assortment of the brand you can find not only high-quality hoods, but also refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, ovens, washing machines and so on.
  • Products from the brand is considered available for purchase by persons with an average income. The brand offers excellent products at very competitive prices.
  • From year to year, the German company produces more new and improved products that meet not only all world requirements, but also the wishes of the most fastidious customers.

Products from the brand are recommended not only by satisfied customers, but also by real professionals in their field who leave only positive feedback about it, paying particular attention to the perfect quality of equipment.


The German brand Hansa primarily specializes in the design and sale of hoods with medium power, which are best suited for household needs.In the assortment of the brand there are several ranges of hoods that will be ideally suited for kitchens of private houses and apartments.

To date, the assortment of the brand includes about 100 models of different capacity hoods and assembly. All of them are made of high quality stainless steel. Virtually all models are considered recirculation, that is, inside the hood there are special filters from coal that not only purify the air, but also feed it clean back into the room, without using a common shaft for ventilation in the house. This is a huge plus, because when using the mine, third-party unpleasant odors often get from the neighbors into the apartment.

Capacity of extracts from the brand can be from 400 to 800 m3 / h.

The main types of hoods for the kitchen, which can be found in the assortment of the brand, include:

  • built in;
  • visor;
  • dome;
  • island;
  • UniQ models (fireplace options are a separate range of hoods, not included in the general list).

Management hoods are divided into:

  • slider;
  • mechanically;
  • sensory.

The width of the hood varies from 40 to 90 cm depending on the model.

Color solutions

Basically models of the brand are made in the style of minimalism.

The main colors of technical products include:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • anthracite;
  • silver;
  • brown;
  • Ivory.

Most often this or that color is advantageously combined with glass inserts of a similar shade. Hoods can be opaque or glossy.

Due to the wide color choice among the most different models, it is easy to find the right one for a particular type of kitchen.


To acquire new and replace old parts is only when surely there is confidence in a particular breakdown. It is very important to buy spare parts and other components only original ones, otherwise there is a risk in case of subsequent damage not to repair the equipment.

Consider what components come with the purchase of different models of hoods.

  • Suspended hoods are equipped exclusively with a grease filter, although the brand itself uses both fat and carbon filters in its hoods.
  • Almost all hoods are electronically controlled, with the exception of some older models with manual controls.
  • The basic configuration of some circulation models often exclude the presence of a carbon filter. It must be purchased separately.
  • Basically, high-quality lighting is achieved due to the presence of halogen bulbs with optimal power.

Consider the technical characteristics of current models and their components.

  • We recommend to pay attention to the dome model hood OKS6726IH. This model has an average performance. Perfect for a small kitchen. Equipped with touch controls and color display for the most comfortable control. There is a setting of timer parameters.
  • The island model OWC4778IH of stainless steel with touch control is very popular. There is a complete set, which includes everything necessary to connect this equipment and its further trouble-free use.
  • For a small kitchen, the OTP6241IH built-in hood, produced in several colors, is best suited.
  • Modern hood with a complete set of a series of UniQ will make the interaction with technical products as pleasant as possible.The OKC900UWH model includes 4 speeds for a wide variety of use cases. Type of control - touch. Available in different colors.
  • The slider-controlled OSC6111WH visor model is suitable for compact kitchens with a modern interior. These types of hoods are very easy to attach and do not cause further hassle to use.

How to choose and install?

When choosing the necessary hood, special attention should be given to the following parameters and details:

  • equipment capacity and performance;
  • the technical characteristics specified in the product manual;
  • the presence of a carbon filter that provides enhanced and additional filtering of the room;
  • type (dome, island or other models);
  • mode of operation (exhaust or air circulation);
  • control method of the hood.

Selecting the hood in the kitchen, it should be remembered that the larger the area of ​​the room, the more powerful the appliances must be, otherwise it will not cope with the removal of unpleasant odors.

Thanks to the widest range of Hansa, you can choose any hood with all the needs and wishes of the client.Purchase hoods from the brand should be only at licensed points of sale or on the official website of the brand.

As for the installation, it is best to trust the professionals, because without the appropriate experience and training, even the usual hood can be difficult to install. If desired, installation work can be done independently, but for this it is best to study the instructions in detail and get expert advice from the brand.

Installation of hoods depends on the type of model.

  • Suspended models are considered classic, as a rule, are installed above the stove.
  • Embedded models are mounted directly into a cabinet or tabletop. Thus, such equipment is considered the most invisible, but effective.
  • The inclined models are set as if tilted, if the kind of kitchen requires it.
  • Wall, fireplace and dome versions are installed on the kitchen walls in such a way that they maximally draw out unnecessary odors.
  • Corner hoods, as the name implies, should be mounted in the corner of the kitchen where the stove is located.
  • Island models are fixed on the ceiling above the table top.

To properly install the hood yourself, you should follow the instructions below:

  • at the first stage, the hood is installed and fixed in the necessary place, which it was necessary to prepare and measure out in advance;
  • then the equipment is connected to the power supply, it is advisable to think about the presence of the outlet in advance, otherwise you will have to pull an additional wire, sometimes you can very successfully use an extension cord if it turns out to be hidden behind the furniture;
  • Finally, if we are talking about the model of the hood with air duct, then it should be brought into the ventilation duct.


Regardless of which type of hood was chosen, the height of its installation at home should be about 70 cm for electric furnaces and about 80 cm for gas. It is preferable for the house to choose exhaust hoods with carbon filtration, as they do fine cleaning, as much as they draw in third-party odors.

When cleaning the grease filter, it is very important to wash it with soap and a brush, then it must be thoroughly dried, after which it can be put in place. But carbon filters have, as a rule, changed to new ones.It is also easy to change a light bulb in the hood, since the brand offers the corresponding components for each model, which can be found in the Hansa catalog. When choosing the right hood, it is best to give preference to models with a stainless steel case with high-quality glass.


On the Internet you can find a lot of positive feedback about the hoods of the German brand Hansa. It is noted that these are the hoods that meet all the criteria of quality, and are sold at reasonable prices. Customers are pleased with the powerful performance and the availability of additional features such as a timer, touchscreen display and backlight.

Some professionals agree that the only drawback of the brand’s hoods is their noise, which is several times higher than models from other brands. However, buyers are pleased with the beautiful design in which the equipment is made, its versatility for various types of kitchens.

In the next video you will find the installation of a Hansa hood with a gravity valve.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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