IKEA hoods: an overview of popular models and specifications

 IKEA hoods: an overview of popular models and specifications

The kitchen is traditionally associated with various smells. But not all flavors in it are equally pleasant, especially with long work. IKEA hoods help solve this problem.

Special features

Technique under this brand is mainly associated with cheap and stylish offers. But the company tried to provide consumers with convenient functionality. The power of the supplied equipment allows to “blow out” from any kitchen the main harmful gases. The range of dimensions and geometrical parameters of structures is great. That is why it is required to pay great attention to their selection for specific goals.

The company tries to implement an individual approach to the maximum extent. The undoubted advantage will be the ability to order a perfectly compatible headset. The company actively and fruitfully interacts with leading developers in the industry. Therefore, any system (both embedded and autonomous) has high performance, serves for a long time. The main strategy of IKEA is to achieve an optimal ratio of efficiency and energy consumption.


This modification has a comfortable price and performs the task well, despite the limited functions.

There are:

  • three degrees of power control;
  • night mode;
  • action on the exhaust air or its recycling (requires a carbon filter, which will have to buy extra).

Judging by the reviews, this version looks quite soundly. A carefully drawn instruction is attached to the hood. There is also a stencil for marking the attachment points. This allows you to completely abandon all kinds of measurements and calculations. Of course, the work of Swedish developers does not end there.


This is the next built-in design option. The manufacturer claims that the energy consumption corresponds to category C.Like the previous version, the hood can operate at three different speeds.

The main parameters are as follows:

  • air passage in discharge mode up to 320 cub. m per hour;
  • air admission when recycling up to 152 cu. m in 60 minutes;
  • noise at the most intensive work about 70 dB;
  • electric motor power 0,126 kW;
  • 60 months branded warranty.

The built-in design can be extended, while the total surface grows noticeably. Designers have provided the ability to remove and wash the filter in a conventional machine for dishes. With the help of the included lamps it is possible to provide decent illumination of the working area. The company declares that the installation of UTDRAG inside hinged cabinets is not particularly difficult. Depending on the needs of the customer, the ventilating duct can be brought out to the outside or be optimized for recycling with a filter.

With a width of 60 cm, the height of the hood is 180 mm, and the depth varies from 30 to 45, 5 cm. The wire for connection to the mains (included) has a length of 1380 mm. Exhaust weight - exactly 7 kg. An hour through the system can pass 320 cu. m of air. Even a simple acquaintance with these technical parameters shows the perfection of the system.

Consumers say that this model is decorated in a strict style. As a result, it can be safely mounted in any kitchen. Ease of use and subsequent washing is also appreciated. The material of construction is quite stable. Therefore, it is possible to choose such a model, if there is no desire to delve into acquaintance with technical subtleties.


In the kitchen, this model looks very attractive. It is painted in a noble black tone and harmonizes perfectly with the same or contrasting headsets, table tops. It is important to remember that you have to purchase an additional pipe. Highlighting the hood is stylish and most people like it. With a standard length of electrical wire (1.38 m), the total mass of the structure is 11.5 kg.

A clear advantage for not very sophisticated people will be the simplicity of the control apparatus. Package includes a pair of grease absorbing filters. The device of these filters allows you to wash them in dishwashers. But you can do it manually if you use special tools. The verdict of users is that the task is performed by drawing on 100%.


If you choose not according to the classic white color, but according to practical possibilities, this version turns out to be one of the best. With a width of 23.5 inches, the design has a depth of 17.75 and a height of 44.5 inches. The mass of an extract reaches 13 kg. The diameter of the pipe is 240, and the depth is 250 mm. The system performance is impressive, in 60 minutes it can pump up to 600 cubic meters. m of air.

The basic package already includes a filter for absorbing fat. It is possible to install a system both for the removal of harmful components to the outside, and for air purification with minimal emission to the outside. The location of the control panel is quite convenient. The main facial designs are made of tempered glass. They are not only perfectly safe, but also present no particular difficulty in cleaning.

To ensure full operation, you will need a flexible pipe modification "NITTIG 150". In the recirculation mode, you can improve the effect of exhaust, installing a carbon filter FIL 559. Despite the very high power pumping air, the noise intensity is limited to 70 dB. If the system is recycled, it can refresh 339 cubic meters per hour. m. of air, while the noise can reach 73 dB.Electricity consumption reaches 0.25 kW, the mains voltage is standard - from 220 to 240 V.

Alternative designs

A considerable benefit can be brought by the Underver extraction block. It is even more productive and can drop out to 625 cubic meters in an hour. m. of air. The width of the product is a little more than 56 cm, and its depth reaches 355 mm. Weight is exactly 10 kg, it is necessary to collect the hood yourself. It should be mounted behind the cabinet door, only this way you can ensure a harmonious look.

It can be installed both in ordinary and suspended cabinet. The cleaner can be connected to the valve with the help of NITTIG 150 flexible pipes. In recirculation mode, cleaning through the FIL 440 filter will also be required.

Excellent performance is also demonstrated by the modification of the “Griliere”, which you will need to assemble without assistance. The width is 898, the depth is 499, and the height is 360 mm.

What is important, as a set to the "Griliere" is attached 3 fat-retaining filter. Also, consumers will get a pair of LEDs. A large area of ​​air tightening improves work efficiency. The mass of the structure reaches 18.85 kg.Consumption of electrical energy meets the standards of category A, in the process of recycling can be cleaned up to 439 cubic meters. m of air per hour.

In order for this mode to be fully realized, you will need a 440 series filter. The total engine power reaches 0.265 kW. At the request of consumers, the addition of decorative tubes "Grilier". Noise in two modes at maximum engine speed reaches 66 and 73 dB, respectively. Undoubtedly, this is quite a decent offer. Power devices about 300 cubic meters. meters of air per hour can ensure the purity of the atmosphere in the kitchen area of ​​8-10 square meters. m

It makes sense to install stronger extracts only in very large rooms or with a particularly active hobby for culinary delights. Any model is designed in such a way that you can turn off the pulling component and leave only the backlight. Like any other brand, IKEA built-in hoods must be mounted strictly above the oven and / or above the hob. Structures can automatically stop operation when there is no need, which makes it possible to further reduce the consumption of electrical current.

Review IKEA embedded hoods in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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