Jet Air hoods: variations and operating tips

 Jet Air hoods: variations and operating tips

Modern Italian extracts Jet Air are widely known to the domestic consumer. The device completely destroys the stereotype of the hood, as a bulky and spoiling interior kitchen appliance. Specialists of the company have developed and established the production of aesthetic and miniature models that are not at all inferior, but in some ways even superior, of their overall counterparts.

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Little about the brand

Jet Air was founded in the city of Cherotto back in 1984 and from the first days of its creation specialized in the production of kitchen hoods. Five years later, the company became part of the world famous concern Ellia. Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials and the use of innovative methods, the brand quickly gained fame in the European consumer market.The company's products have an exquisite design, a large number of additional functions and a long service life. Each model meets strict international standards and is tested in the production laboratories of the concern.

In the manufacture of extracts used environmentally friendly and certified materials., resistant to thermal effects and do not emit toxins during operation. Wooden parts are treated with fungicidal compositions and do not lose their physical and aesthetic properties throughout the entire service life. Glass used as decorative elements is distinguished by high strength and heat resistance, and special paint withstands abrasive detergents well.


Jet Air kitchen hood is a device equipped with one or two motors and consisting of a housing, filters, control system and acoustic packages. The role of the latter is hard to overestimate: with their help, the most silent operation of the appliance is achieved, which is especially valuable when the kitchen and living space are adjacent.

A distinctive feature of the Italian hoods is a built-in multi-layer aluminum filter, installed in the models of the latest series. It does not require regular replacement: to clean the surface from dirt, it is enough to wash it with any detergent.

To ensure maximum air purification along with aluminum filters, the use of carbon and acrylic models is recommended. The main disadvantage of the latter is the need for regular replacement, which is recommended to be carried out every 3 months. The operation of the intake can be carried out in two modes: recirculation and by-pass. The appliances can be built into the kitchen furniture, installed on the wall or ceiling. The method of installation depends on the configuration of the model and the specifics of its location. The hood is controlled using a soft-touch touchpad, which makes working with the device convenient and easy. The “smart” monitoring system deals with the notification of the status of filters, informing the user in time about the need to replace them.


The range of products of the company Jet Air is quite wide. Attention of consumers is represented by island, inclined, suspended, wall, recessed, angular and dome models.Along with small-sized appliances, there are high-performance specimens of large dimensions in the range of hoods, which makes it easier to choose the device if there is a wide and long hob. Such models are somewhat more expensive than budget options, the price of which starts from two thousand rubles.

Jet Air hoods are classified not only by the method of installation and size, but also by performance. Thus, small-sized low-cost specimens are capable of discharging 350 cubic meters of air per hour, while the power of industrial devices can reach 1200 m3 / h. Such high performance is characterized by large T-shaped hoods with a black glass display, a touch panel, an intelligent warning system and an anti-return valve, which prevents the discharge of polluted air back into the room. The cost of such devices is 20 000 rubles.

Devices differ in the number of functions. Simple models often do not have touch controls and are equipped with mechanical keys. This significantly reduces the cost of the product, but makes the use of the device not as comfortable as that of expensive specimens.High-tech devices are often equipped with timers, filters, and status sensors and energy-saving lighting provided by halogen or LED lights. Some models are equipped with auto power off and intensive mode.

An interesting solution for small spaces are telescopic models. The device automatically turns on after the filter panel is extended. Changing the speed mode is carried out with the help of slide switches, the performance of models is on average 380 cubic meters. The cost of telescopic instruments starts from 3 thousand rubles.


The range of extractors of the company Jet Air is very diverse.

Among Russian consumers, the most popular is the next row of devices.

  • Bergamo Si F 60 - a flat model capable of operating in recirculation and exhaust modes, with a capacity of 140 W and having a mechanical type of control. The device has 3 speeds, is illuminated with an incandescent lamp and has a capacity of 290 cubic meters of air per hour. The average cost of the device is three thousand rubles.
  • Suri Wh A 60 - Inclined dual-mode model with a capacity of 172 W, equipped with LED lighting and electronic control. The device is able to work at three speeds, the performance is 700 cubic meters per hour, the cost is 15,000 rubles.
Bergamo Si F 60
Suri Wh A 60
  • Senti Wh F 60 - a flat budget model worth about three thousand rubles, operating in both modes and having mechanical control. The power of the device is 140 W, performance - 290 cubic meters.
  • Pipe A 43 - a popular wall model with electromechanical control with a capacity of up to 1200 cubic meters. Differs in the compact sizes and low level of noise loading. The width of the model is only 43 cm, which makes the device almost invisible and aesthetic. The cost of the product is 26 thousand rubles.
Senti Wh F 60
Pipe A 43
  • Orion LX / GR / F 50 VT - built-in model with a capacity of 650 cubic meters per hour and a width of 50 cm with a weight of 5 kg. The device has a stylish design and low cost. The price of products is 7.5 thousand rubles.
  • Aurora LX GRX F 60 - the electromechanical built-in model 60 cm wide and with a productivity of 650 m3 / h. The device is made in the style of minimalism, which makes it compatible with any modern style. The cost of the product is 7 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that despite the slightly increased dimensions, this model has a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

Orion LX / GR / F 50 VT
Aurora LX GRX F 60

How to install?

Before starting installation or repair of the hood, you should carefully read the instructions. An important condition for installation is the mandatory grounding of the device. This requirement is due to the fact that the device is constantly experiencing the effects of steam and fat droplets, so any malfunction in the electrical equipment of the hood can lead to electric shock. When installing it should be remembered that the corrugation should completely go into the mine and have a minimum number of bends. The distance between the plate and the device should also be considered. It should not be less than 70 cm.

The installation of the hood itself is a fairly simple procedure that does not require special skills and extensive experience. The first step should be noted with a pencil fixing the device and using a perforator to drill the wall for the dowel. Next, you need to thoroughly clean the entrance to the mine from mechanical debris, put the corrugation on the valve and fix it with silicone sealant.Then you should hang the device itself, and then attach it to the corrugation. In order that the corrugation cannot be accidentally pulled out, it is recommended to use assembly foam. The final step should be the installation of a decorative lining, which will completely hide the corrugation and give the device an aesthetic look.


Before choosing a hood, you should measure the dimensions of the cooking surface. The hood must overlap with a small margin of its dimensions. You should also pay attention to the total area of ​​the kitchen. The greater the area of ​​the room, the higher should be the performance of the device. Do not forget about the level of sound pressure, the parameters of which are indicated in the data sheet. If the hood is installed in a studio apartment, where the kitchen and living room are combined, then the device must be chosen with minimal sound indicators of the load. Otherwise, the use of the hood will cause anxiety to those present and will make being indoors uncomfortable.

When operating the exhaust in recirculation mode, it is recommended to install carbon filters. This is due to the fact that the dirty air absorbed from the room is not diverted to the street, but is cleaned and returned back to the room. Therefore, the quality of its cleaning depends on the cleanliness of the air in the kitchen.

Jet Air hoods are an example of an optimal price / quality ratio. The devices are easy to operate and maintain, have an original design, and a wide range of products allows you to choose a product for any color and interior of the room.

An overview of the Jet Air Senti SI / F / 60 hoods can be found in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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