How to repair the hood?

 How to repair the hood?

It is quite possible that the exhaust equipment does not start or for some reason loses its performance. Do not immediately grab the phone to call the wizard. With basic technical knowledge and desire, you can repair the kitchen hood on your own. Choosing a similar way to solve the problem, you need to identify the cause of the device malfunction.

The reasons

In a situation where your kitchen hood is about ten years old and not so long ago it has become unsatisfactory to draw out air, then you can not think about repairs, it is easier to purchase a new device. But what if the newly purchased device did not work even a year, and the fan is no longer able to cope with its duties or evenceased to function? The first step is to establish the cause of the breakdown, and then eliminate it on its own.

Consider the main causes of breakdowns.

Improper use of the house ventilation system

First, you need to clean the grease catcher (strainer) at least once every 3 weeks. Full replacement of the carbon filter should be carried out once every 12 months or when the indicator on the panel notifies about it (in the latest modifications there is a specialized lamp).

Second, it is forbidden to launch the exhaust device on a working stove, if nothing is on it. Heated air can in a short time cause harm to the system, which in the future will be relatively hard to restore with your own hands.

Third, the hood must be started 2-3 minutes before the start of cooking and stopped 10-15 minutes after the cessation of cooking. Otherwise, the fan may not have time to remove the amount of vapor, which can result in undesirable odor in the room.

Open or broken contact

The work of the hood entails a weak shaking, which is capable of provoking the break of a weak contact on the control unit (CU) or somewhere in the circuit. This happens infrequently, and then only in products from China.

Not according to the rules of the installation

With illiterate mounting, the exhaust system in the kitchen can stop its work, which happens for reasons such as poor wiring connections in the terminal block (terminal strip) or large bending of the corrugations (ductwork). Extend the life of a domestic exhaust hood correct installation and connection of the device. The distance from the gas stove to the exhaust must be at least 75 cm, and from the electric cooker - not less than 65. The corrugation should have a small length and a minimum number of turns. Adhering to these simple rules, the technique will last longer.

Electrical wiring problems

It may be that simply stopped their work outlet or knocked out the machine in the electrical panel.

All these factors can be a circumstance that the hood is broken and then repaired. As a consequence, take all aspects into account so that a similar situation no longer appears in the future.

How to troubleshoot?

Alas, even with the most zealous attitude to technology possible damage. Let us analyze the most common problems and the possibility of self-repair of kitchen extracts.

The light does not turn on

Undoubtedly, this problem is not acute, however, the lack of illumination can create significant discomfort.

If the backlight stops functioning, you can use the following tips.

  • Start the hood and make sure that the fan is working.
  • Check the health of the light bulbs (they could just burn out). Usually, to eliminate this problem, it is enough to replace a burnt lamp, which can be bought in a special electrical equipment store.

Nevertheless, there are moments when the problem is contained in the malfunction of the power button, in this case, it should be checked for its serviceability by means of a tester and, if necessary, replaced with a new one.

Weak pulls

In this situation, smells are ineffectively removed, and condensate forms on the windows. The reason may be, as a general, inadequate state of ventilation in the house, and problems in the device itself.

To identify the cause, use the method described below.

  • Test traction in the ventilation duct of the house. If it is absent, it is necessary to contact the appropriate utilities.Perform cleaning or restoration of the ventilation duct on your own will not work.
  • Check the degree of contamination of filter elements. If necessary, change the carbon filter and wash the fat.
  • Damage to the blades (blades) of the fan can be a factor that the exhaust device does not pull well enough. It is required to disassemble the device and change the part.

Does not work

This is the most undesirable situation - and there is no backlight, and the electric motor does not start. In such episodes, in order to repair the device yourself at home, It is necessary to have basic knowledge in electrical engineering and have at least a little experience in working with electrical appliances.

  • If you see that the fuse has blown - you need to replace it with a new one.
  • Consistently test the voltage in the outlet with a screwdriver-indicator, automatic switch (automatic) on the electrical switchboard, the integrity of the plug and cable. If everything is normal, you need to look for problems in the hood itself.
  • Rang a multimeter (tester) the entire electrical circuit. You need to start with the power key on the panel - maybe some contact has departed.Next ring the fuse that protects the device from power surges, then the capacitor - it should not be inflated. If everything is OK, check the motor windings. If a break in the electrical circuit is found, it is better to purchase a new motor, repairing the old one does not make sense.

Noise fan

Often the increased noise level is the result of poor-quality assembly, which is typical of cheap products from China. In this situation, only the replacement of the device will help. Owners of good quality devices also often ask themselves the question of how to reduce the noise level during the operation of the device.

Experts recommend trying these techniques.

  • Ensure proper fixation of the device to the wall and components of kitchen furniture. A small gap can cause shock and noise in the process. To eliminate this, it is required to tighten the fastening components.
  • Conduct a survey of the duct - often its pollution increases the noise level of the electric motor.
  • Slip pieces of sound-proofing material or foam rubber under unfavorable areas.

Do not switch speeds

Even inexpensive samples of exhaust equipment are capable of functioning in several speed modes. As a rule, it is 2-3 speeds. When there is no change in the number of revolutions with the electric motor turned on, it can be said with confidence that this is a malfunction of the control unit. You can make sure by inspecting it visually with the dismantled protection or by calling a multimeter.

If the assumptions were correct, the best way out would be to replace the board with a new one, without trying to restore the old one. Repair, of course, can be done, but it is unlikely that there will be enough working reserve to exclude another breakdown after a short time interval.

Care Tips

Problems with the care of the outer surface of the exhaust device, as a rule, is not observed, moreover, when it is a built-in modification. Open components are processed with a sponge with a grease-dissolving agent, then they are wiped dry. If you do it systematically, and not from time to time, it will take several minutes to care for the device.

With the outer surface, everything is clear, but the device also takes care of the internal components - filtering devices. They need to be washed, replaced, otherwise the effectiveness of air purification will begin to decline.

Filter elements: cleaning and replacement

Hoods are equipped with two types of filters: fat (fat-absorbing) - protects against vapors of grease and various debris, and coal - absorbs odors. The fat-absorbing filter elements are made from metal or acrylic. Iron filters do not require replacement.

They are taken out, washed and cleaned manually once a month or every 2 months washed in a dishwasher. The main thing is to correctly select the water temperature in the dishwasher. If temperature does not matter for stainless steel filter elements, aluminum filters become darker at elevated temperatures.

Acrylic filters vary according to how intensely the hood is applied. Their average service life is 3 months. Note that some modern samples of hoods are equipped with sensors that promptly warn about the need to replace the filter element. The outdated filters are taken out and thrown away; it is not necessary to wash them and reinstall them,because to realize its purpose at the proper level, such an element will no longer be.

Carbon filters are replaced approximately once every 12 months.

Proper cleaning of the hood consists of several stages.

  • Stop the flow of current to the exhaust device.
  • Disconnect grease filter.
  • Wash the available elements of the device, which was going to fatty bloom.
  • If the device is not installed, it is necessary to wash all accessible areas with special means for stainless steel products. In no case do not use cleaning products containing abrasive components and hard sponges - they will scratch the shell of the device.
  • The keys on the control panel are wiped with a soft cloth soaked in detergent.
  • To wipe all components to full dryness by means of a napkin.
  • You can connect the device to the electrical network.

Constant and proper care of the kitchen hood gives you the opportunity to get the effect for which it is acquired, and along with it, will help to increase the duration of its work. Expensive household appliances are usually not purchased for a year, because it depends on the care for the most part what their appearance will be after a few years.And the reliability of operation of all components is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

How to repair the kitchen hood yourself, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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