How to choose a motor for exhaust?

 How to choose a motor for exhaust?

Today, any modern hood is equipped with a special motor. But sometimes it happens that it has to be changed after a certain time or as a result of a breakdown. Of course, it is best to entrust the solution of the problem to the appropriate specialists, but sometimes the details have to be chosen independently. Before making a choice, you should take into account a lot of nuances, features of this kind of technical products, as well as get acquainted with the advice of experts.

What are we for

The hood itself is very simple, many of the damage can be repaired by yourself without replacing the corresponding parts. Sometimes the help of specialists is not required.The motor is an integral part of any hood, no matter what type it is. Most motors are asynchronous and single-phase. We can say that the motor is the "core" of the hood. The engine and motor are designed for multi-speed hoods, and for the classic versions with multiple speeds. Motors are also integrated into conventional hinged hoods, as well as into variants that are recessed into tables and cabinets.

Why break

Since the hoods work in conditions of high air pollution and rather high temperatures, they can quickly fail. This is due to regular evaporation from food, which is constantly cooked on the stove, as well as the ingress of fatty substances through the protective mesh of the equipment. This happens even in spite of the fact that today many hoods are equipped with special grease trap filters.

Despite the fact that today's filters are created in this way, when they are not afraid of aggressive conditions of use, the operation time takes precedence over equipment.

Even with proper care and regular cleaning, fat deposits will accumulate on the engine and directly on the motor, which will further affect the quality of self-cooling of the motor, wires and some other parts.

Also, the problem with the motor may be related to the wear of the bearings or the winding blown. The reasons are the same - sticking of mud and fat deposits. When there is a question about replacing the motor, it is sometimes easier to purchase a new hood than spend money on replacing parts of the old one. However, this issue is best discussed with a specialist. In addition, it is very important to be sure that the problem is directly in the engine.

What to do in case of breakdowns

If third-party sounds are heard in the engine or electric motor, for example, the unit is buzzing but refuses to work, first you should check the winding around it. Usually, this wiring is called by specialists. If everything is fine with it, then you should check the capacitor, which is also responsible for turning on the engine. Some models of hoods are designed in such a way that a capacitor is included in the motor winding circuit.

When the problem is here, the speed of the exhaust can not switch. If any breakdowns occur, the instruction manual for the equipment should be studied in detail.. If the basic solutions to the problem did not help, you will most likely have to use the services of specialists and even replace some details.

How to make a choice

It is best to choose and purchase motors for kitchen hoods in specialized and licensed stores. In addition, it is best for serious breakdowns to give preference to parts of the same company as the hood itself. Similarly, the risk of further damage will be significantly reduced. Many hoods with a remote motor have improved ventilation compared to conventional versions, and they also emit less noise, which is a definite plus.

When choosing the right hood and motor, special attention should be paid to all the technical characteristics and parameters that are specified in more detail in the passport of such technical products. To protect the hood from any damage, you need to try to take care of it as much as possible and clean it in time. It is also very important to change the necessary filters in a timely manner.

Very often, customers can not choose between hoods with one or two motors. Most often, these models resemble the dome. Of course, the standard equipment assumes the presence of only one engine, but more powerful structures are equipped with several.Many experts believe that it is best to purchase options with two motors, since they are more productive, but in case of breakdowns, problems may arise with additional expenses.

In order not to encounter problems in the operation of technology and internal motor, it is best not to purchase such products on dubious Chinese sites. An excellent option would be to buy equipment from reliable and long-established manufacturers that give good warranty periods. For example, you should pay attention to the hoods and motors for them from the companies Electrolux, Krona and some others.

How to choose the right hood, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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