Krona hoods: varieties and subtleties of operation

Kronasteel (Krona) is a German company whose scope of activity is the development of household kitchen appliances. The company produces stylish, high-quality and functional equipment. That is why Krona exhaust devices are in great demand among consumers in many countries.

About brand

Kronasteel was founded in 2000 in Eschborn, Germany. In 2001, products of this brand were first imported to Russia. Already after 8 years, Krona hoods took the leading position in sales among domestic ventilation equipment.

The manufacturer produces various types of kitchen air cleaners in any price segment: from economy to premium class. A huge range of developed equipment allows each customer to find a suitable option in terms of cost, technical characteristics, appearance and functionality.German engineers are constantly monitoring new trends in the options and design of exhaust devices. Thanks to this approach, they offer equipment that can satisfy any consumer request.

Each product brand Krona distinguishes reliability.

It is achieved through a three-step quality control of products:

  • during production;
  • on receipt of goods to the warehouse;
  • before sending for implementation.

Thanks to strict quality control of products, consumers can be confident in the durability of the devices and their smooth operation.

Special features

Kronasteel hoods have a different design. They are also available in a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose the unit to any interior style and kitchen furnishings.

Consider the features of air purification equipment Krona.

  • Efficiency. German-made devices do an excellent job of clearing the air. They perfectly capture soot, cinder and suspended fat particles formed in the process of cooking.
  • Intuitive control. The user can easily select the appropriate mode of operation of the equipment and make the necessary settings. All Kronasteel equipment is easy to operate.
  • High performance. Some models have a capacity of 900 m3 / h.
  • Low noise. It is achieved due to the special design of the models: the equipment engines are enclosed in special plastic cases, characterized by good noise suppression. The casing is insulated with vibration-absorbing pads, which also provides a quieter operation.
  • Energy efficiency. Despite the high performance of most models, they economically consume electricity, even at maximum load.
  • Reliability and durability. These parameters are achieved through the use of high-quality components. For all manufactured equipment, the manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty.

The disadvantages of Krona technology include its high price. However, the cost of the devices is justified by their reliability and long service life while observing the rules of operation.


    Kronasteel hoods, depending on the modification, have a different set of options.

    They may have different types of controls.

    1. Electronic. Switching of the modes and control of the functionality is carried out by means of pseudo-touch keys with indicators. Activation is carried out by lightly pressing buttons.
    2. Push button. There are control buttons on the hoods, which you can start to run equipment and change its operation modes.
    3. Slider Activation options are made by changing the position of the mechanical slide switch.
    4. Sensory. The operation of the hood is controlled by touching the touch keys with your fingers.
    5. Remote The latest models of Kronasteel exhaust units come complete with a console, with which you can control the operation of equipment from a distance.
    Push button

    Most models have hoods off timer. With this option, it is possible to automatically turn off the device after a specified time period. A flashing LED light on the panel will warn about the activation of the function.

    Air purification equipment has lighting. For this purpose, incandescent lamps or halogen illuminators are used in the devices. Electronic units have the ability to change the brightness of the glow.

    Some models support the Intellect Start feature. Such devices have 9 degrees of sensitivity, which allows them to "independently" determine the intensity of cooking and automatically select the optimal speed of work.

    For more convenient operation, the manufacturer has equipped most models with indicators of contamination of filter elements. The principle of their work is simple: when replacing the old filter with a new one, the user turns on a special sounder that is triggered after a certain time.

    The lineup

    For high-quality air purification, Krona company produces various variations of exhaust equipment.

    The following kitchen appliances are on the market.

    • Built in. Often used to equip small kitchen space. Its main feature is compactness. Built-in hoods are designed for installation in a hanging kitchen cabinet. Many models are equipped with a sliding panel that allows you to expand the area of ​​action. Of all the modifications of the built-in hoods, the Kamilla slim and Mini models are the most popular.
    • Dome. Equipment with medium performance, designed for installation in medium-sized and spacious rooms. The equipment is connected to the central ventilating system, which provides greater performance. A prominent representative of dome hoods is the fireplace model Stella 900.
    • Suspended. A budget option. Suspended units are compact in size, making them ideal for small spaces. It has the ability to install under a hanging cabinet.
    • Inclined Equipped with a flat front panel. Such units have an unusual design. Designed for corner installation relative to the hob.
    • Corner. It is installed in any corner of the kitchen. This is the perfect solution for rooms with a non-standard layout.

    A separate group of hoods are island options. Such equipment is often chosen by owners of kitchens with an unusual arrangement of equipment: where the stove is located not near the wall, but in the middle of the room. The unit of island type is allowed to be mounted in any part of the kitchen.

    How to choose?

    To make the right purchase and not be disappointed in the choice of hoods, you should know in advance what to look for.

    • First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the equipment. The sizes are selected taking into account the cooking panel. For example, for a plate 45 cm wide, the ideal solution would be to purchase an air cleaner with standard parameters of 50 cm.If the dimensions of the hood are smaller than the hob, the appliance will not fully cope with the task of cleaning the air. In this case, the vapors formed during cooking will penetrate into the kitchen and adjacent rooms.
    • It is important to pay attention to performance. This parameter shows how much air is able to clean the equipment per unit of time. To know what power the unit requires, you need to determine the volume of the room by multiplying the values ​​of its length, height and width. After that, the result should be multiplied by 12. This will be the minimum performance of the device.
    • The important role played by the noise level. The best models are those in which this indicator at maximum speeds of work does not exceed 48 decibels.

    Also, when buying a kitchen hood, you need to pay attention to the following indicators.

    • Design. Exhaust equipment must fit into the interior of the room and be in harmony with other equipment and furniture.
    • Filters. Can be coal or fat. The first are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors. They need to be changed at the end of life.

    A grease filter is required to delay the fat particles. However, with such filtering elements, the use of an additional reusable aluminum filter is recommended.

    It is easy to dismantle, wash and install back.

    • Control method.
    • Availability of additional functions.
    • Backlight.

    It is also important to consider what material the device is made of. As a rule, plastic products belong to the budget. Just take care of them. They wash quickly and easily from various contaminants. In addition, plastic is aesthetic and durable.

    The more expensive include models made of stainless steel. They have a noble appearance that can fit into any type of room. The most expensive options include products made from tinted glass.

    It is worth knowing that the care of glass appliances or stainless steel devices is the most difficult, since on such materials stains, drops and stains will be evident.

    Kronasteel hoods were rated by millions of consumers. Basically, the equipment produced under this brand has positive customer reviews.

    They appreciate superior technical features:

    • good performance;
    • quiet work.

    Buyers appreciate the practicality, reliability and aesthetics of these devices. However, like all technology, Kronasteel products have some drawbacks. Many owners of Krona hoods attribute to the disadvantages of the high cost of equipment, weak lamps that often burn out, and a short electrical wire. In general, Krona hoods run smoothly throughout the warranty period stated by the manufacturer.


    Install any of the models Krona hoods must be in accordance with the wiring diagram. If the equipment is not installed correctly, it will not work efficiently. To eliminate errors during installation, it is better to contact the experts. However, having armed with certain knowledge, you can install an air cleaner with your own hands, without resorting to the help of hired craftsmen.

    Before installation, it is necessary to prepare the place where the unit will be located. You must ensure the strength of the wall on which the device will be mounted. It is necessary to choose fasteners in accordance with the material of which the wall is made.For drywall, reinforced concrete and foam blocks, you should select the appropriate dowels and screws.

    It is also important to respect the dimensions prescribed in the instructions. The distance from the hood to the gas stove should not be less than 75 cm, to the hob - not less than 65.

    Installation of equipment is made depending on the mode of operation.

    1. Devices with an exhaust principle of action must be embedded in the ventilation shaft. With this mode of operation, the unit will take the polluted air out. Experts advise to give preference to a smooth duct made of plastic or PVC.
    2. If the hood is operating in recirculation mode, it should not be connected to ventilation. The principle of such equipment is simple: polluted air will pass through the filter elements, cleaned and flow back into the room. The carbon filter for the embedded device is purchased separately. The frequency of its replacement will directly depend on the intensity of use of the hood. On average, filters should be changed at least once a year.

    Any device models are connected to the mains with a voltage of 220 V. To eliminate the risks of electric shock,ground outlets must be used.

    How to use?

    That the hood served for a long time, delighting the household with efficient and uninterrupted work, You must follow a number of the following rules

    1. It is forbidden to use the device as a shelf.
    2. Under the device can not cook "burning" food. It is also recommended to refuse to fry too long. All this can cause a fire.
    3. To increase the service life of the equipment, it is advisable to turn it on at minimum speeds. The forced mode can be used with intensive frying and maximum accumulation of vapors in the air.
    4. When operating the device in the exhaust mode, it is important to ensure the flow of fresh air through the windows.
    5. In order for the device to function efficiently, it is necessary to regularly clean or change dirty filters.

    As the air cleaner gets dirty, you need to wash it with a soft cloth or sponge using detergents. Cleaning agents with the addition of abrasive particles are prohibited.


    Even under the condition of proper operation, exhaust hoods sometimes break. Users of Krona equipment often complain that the unit does not start, badly pulls out the polluted air,works loudly or does not switch speeds. Due to the simple device hoods, they can be repaired with your own hands.

    The most difficult failure is the complete failure of the device to function. In this situation, you need to check the outlet and power cord. When they are good, the electric circuit should be called with a multimeter. You need to check the contacts on the switch panel, capacitor and fuse.

    If these elements are intact, you need to check the motor in the same way. When a fault is found, it is better to replace worn parts with original spare parts.

    If the backlight does not turn on, you need to change the light bulb, since LED or halogen illuminators can burn out. When replacing them, the fault should be eliminated. Sometimes after such actions, users are faced with a situation in which the device does not turn off the light. This may be due to incorrectly selected on the technical characteristics of the lamps.

    If a hood draws air out badly or filters it poorly, it may be a matter of clogged filters. To eliminate these faults, it is enough to change them to new ones or to wash them (grease catchers).

    For how to install Krona hood, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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