Round hood in kitchen design

An important component of the kitchen interior is the equipment, which is designed not only to ensure a comfortable stay of the owners of the house in the room, but also to become a spectacular design accent. Hood round shape in recent years has been particularly popular due to its many advantages compared to the hoods of other shapes. Such a product will harmoniously fit into the interior and provide high-quality air circulation in the kitchen.


Hood round shape greatly simplifies the life of the owners of a private house or apartment.

The main advantages of this device are as follows.

  • Unusual design. Round shaped hoods appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted the attention of buyers who want to emphasize the modern and high-tech design of their kitchen.The round shape looks very unusual, but at the same time elegantly and harmoniously fit into almost any interior. Together with additional details and correctly selected color, this hood will become the main accent of the room and the solution in which the aesthetic and practical functions are combined at the same time.
  • High performance and work efficiency. Studies have shown that round hoods cope much faster with air circulation. Even smaller round exhaust hood compared to a large rectangular much faster and better copes with the task. Thus, acquiring a round hood, you can not only emphasize the interior, but also significantly improve the quality of air circulation in the kitchen.
  • A budget option. If we are not talking about designer models of expensive brands, then it is worth noting that much less materials are spent on creating a round hood, besides many models are much more compact than standard models. This also affects the price, reducing it due to lower cost. Also, this hood is much easier than other models, so it is much easier to install.
  • Variety of options. The modern market represents a huge number of models in different price categories, which differ in additional details, color, functionality and methods of fastening. For example, wall products of white color are the most popular lately.
  • Versatility. Round kitchen hoods are suitable for any kitchen, regardless of the basic style of the interior and the preferences of its owner. The smooth shape allows the product to neatly fit into any design and emphasize it.

Many designers actively use the round hood in the interior of the kitchen. Especially they are suitable as a finishing touch to more innovative in style rooms. For example, round hoods are very successfully used in high-tech or minimalist kitchens. Depending on the appearance and color, such equipment can also beautify more traditional interior styles. Round models are especially recommended for installation in large rooms where a bar counter is available.


Depending on the connection method and functionality, the following models of round hoods can be distinguished.

  • Bypass products (flow). They are connected via pipes to a centralized ventilation and air purification system. Contaminated air is removed from the room through the pipes.
  • Recirculating hoods. Considered the most budget option. Hoods include special filters with which air purification takes place. Thus, the polluted air is not removed from the room, but simply cleaned.

An important selection criterion depends on the appearance of the product. Currently, there are many models, the assortment presents a strict, elegant and very creative kitchen hoods, each of which best fit into a particular interior. The hood can have a circular shape along the entire length of the product or be equipped with a rectangular duct and a circular nozzle into which air will flow for further circulation and purification.

    Not less popular products are options with glass nozzles. Most often it is a round model, on which a glass rectangular element is mounted. It can be used as a shelf for small items. The color of the product is important.Relevant are still metallic shades - silver, bronze or copper. Also the classic white and black versions are still popular. The brightest and most original models can be selected from the catalog or made to order.

    Stylish modern examples in the interior

    Most often, designers use a round hood in modern design, made in the style of hi-tech. For example, a product of metallic color, set over a stylish semicircular "island", looks very harmonious and interesting. It is important that the color of the hood combined with other appliances in the kitchen. The interior will look the most simple, but at the same time stylish.

    No less interesting round hood will look in the style of Provence. The reflective surface of the product will complement the airy design of the room and successfully combine with the soft tones of other products. A non-standard form will make the main focus of the kitchen. Despite the modern design of the product itself, it is very effectively in harmony with the tree, which is often present in the Provence style interior.

    The hood of white color will most successfully fit into the design where the combination of white and dark tone prevails.For example, the modern version is interesting, the design of which uses white, dark blue and brown. The hood of such an unusual shape will become an inseparable part of the interior, and the white surface will allow it to fit more smoothly into the design of the room.

    A review of the Faber Luxia island kitchen hood, see below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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