Features dome hoods

Features dome hoods

Dome hoods - direct descendants of chimneys, are not out of date, despite the emergence of new, more compact devices. Properly selected device will not only clean the air, but also decorate the kitchen. What parameters should be considered when buying?

Main characteristics

Dome hoods are voluminous and rather massive. Their shape can be smooth, almost round - as a hemisphere, or consist of four inclined planes. Large volume allows you to place inside several filters and powerful fans.

There are two ways to clean the air - flow and recirculation. In the flow-through mode, the hood is connected to the duct overlooking the street or to the ventilation shaft of the house.In the recirculation mode, the air is cleaned by filters and returns to the room. Such a device can be installed in the kitchen with forced ventilation. Most of the dome hoods work like flow-throughs. There are models of the combined type.

Devices can be equipped with the following filters.

  • Fat-absorbing. Installed outside, if necessary, they can be removed. Experts advise to regularly remove from them the remnants of fat detergents.
  • Coal. These filters are built-in, located inside the device. Absorbs fumes and neutralizes food and burning odors. From time to time they need to be replaced with new ones.

The main indicator of hood efficiency is its performance. Measured by the amount of air that the device can miss in an hour. This indicator is not related to the power, which is determined by the amount of electricity needed to operate the device. It is believed that the highest performance - flow hoods, which are not installed carbon filters.

An approximate calculation of the required performance can be made by the formula:

(x • y • z) • 1.3 • 12

(x • y • z) is the volume of the kitchen (the product of length, width, and height); 1.3 - coefficient that takes into account circumstances that reduce the performance of the device; 12 times per hour should be updated air in the kitchen at sanitary standards.

Other parameters that will help determine the choice of device is also useful to know.

  • Control method - mechanical or touch. Mechanical is provided in inexpensive models - these are buttons or sliders. They are not always convenient to remove dirt, which interferes with the work and spoils the type of exhaust More expensive are equipped with displays and remote controls.
  • The number of engines. In standard devices having a width of 60 cm, install 1 engine. Hood 90 cm wide and more can work on two engines. But this will increase not only its performance. Electricity consumption and noise level will rise.
  • It is better if the sound of the working device is not louder than 45-50 decibels. Sometimes this is achieved by installing two less powerful engines instead of one, which can adversely affect performance. The noise level of cheap models is close to 60 decibels.
  • Indicators of pollution filters - deposited on the filter or displayed on the body in the form of light bulbs.You should not ignore their signals: this will greatly reduce the performance of the device and increase the load on the engine.
  • The presence of anti-return valve will prevent air from flowing from the ventilation shaft to the apartment when the hood is turned off.
  • The backlight and timer will make using the device more comfortable: automatic switching on and off, working in a pre-programmed mode, using halogen lamps are possible. Incandescent or fluorescent lamps can also be installed.
  • The width of the hood should be equal to the width of the hob or hob. Standard sizes are 50, 60 and 90 cm, but there are wider or narrower models.

The design and usability of the hood is largely dependent on the material from which it is made. The most reliable and easy to clean - stainless or galvanized steel. They will not lose their attractive appearance from periodic cleaning, sudden changes in temperature and the effect of time. From other metals use an alloy of aluminum, copper and brass.

The surface of metal devices can be enameled and powder coated. The most durable coating is spraying, especially if the hood is colored.It turns out a beautiful polymer layer. The enameled surface is easy to keep clean, but its appearance is inferior to other materials. Plastic is a cheaper material, besides it allows you to experiment with shape and color. However, it quickly fails.

Unusual surfaces are also created from wood and tinted glass. They are often used together with metal structures - this prolongs the life of the device. Hoods decorated with these materials look stylish, and can be one of the accents in the interior of the kitchen. But the surface of these materials require careful and careful care. On the glass, especially dark, the smallest pollution is noticeable.

If steel gray devices seem boring, and I want to find a brighter and more interesting, then it is better to choose the one that combines several materials.


Dome hoods can be divided into three groups.

They differ in shape and are designed for rooms with different layouts.

  • Island hoods set in spacious kitchens with a hob located in the center. They are strengthened on the ceiling with a system of cables. If necessary, the location can be changed.This will be possible if you mount a flexible extended chimney. Most of these hoods operate only in flow mode.
  • Devices of fireplace type or wall, located on the wall above the stove: the back, wall panel they have a flat. The name received due to the similarity with exhaust systems for fireplaces. In the chimney hoods provides a combined mode of air purification. If necessary, the device can be hidden in a camouflage cabinet. Then its dimensions are selected so that there is a small gap between the walls and the hood.
  • Corner designed specifically for rooms where the stove is located in the corner. Despite the unusual shape, their width is also designed for a standard plate and ranges from 50 to 90 cm. The price for corner hoods starts from 40 thousand rubles.

Installation and connection

If you touch the installation of the chimney hood, then having your own outlet will simplify the work.

If you need to connect it to a common network, then it is better to entrust this task to a professional.

  • Installation of the hood can be started only after the kitchen furniture will be placed in places.For convenience, the location of the hood can be noted on the wall. The exact value of the installation height for a specific device must be indicated in the documentation. For electric stoves, it ranges from 65 to 75 cm, and for gas stoves it ranges from 75 to 90 cm.
  • Noting the line of attachment, determine the size of the device and duct together. The excess part of the duct cut off.
  • Further in the wall it is necessary to make holes and insert dowels in them. Then bolt the fasteners for the device. In order to accurately determine their place, first measure the wall part of the hood and draw its axis (horizontal and vertical) on the wall. Holes must be located at the ends of the axles.
  • Install the upper part of the hood and fix it with screws. Using a level, check if it is level. Next you need to attach the bottom and connect the outlet of the device with the ventilation system.

The installation of an island hood follows the same principle.

  • The appliance must be positioned strictly above the cooking surface. To him stretch the air duct and electric cable, protected by a cable channel.
  • In the ceiling, make holes for fasteners, install the platform.
  • Then mount the parts on which the body will hold.
  • Check the position of the hood and connect to it the power cable and duct.

If the work mechanism is flow-through, then the device must be connected to ventilation.

You can use flexible corrugated pipe or hard plastic.

  • The advantage of aluminum corrugated pipe is the ability to bend around any obstacles. It is indispensable if there are corners or pipes on the way from the hood to the ventilation. But her appearance does not fit into all interiors, and it often has to be hidden.
  • Plastic duct looks more aesthetic, but it will have fittings and at least 2 adapters. All connections must be sealed with sealant.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dome models of flow action are characterized by high performance. They purify the air as much as possible from impurities and combustion products harmful to humans. And, judging by the reviews, budget models do their job no worse than expensive ones. However, they work noisily. The level does not exceed the standard - 60 decibels, but people with high sensitivity will be annoying, like the sound of a working hair dryer or a washing machine.

Manufacturers offer different design hoods: classic, high-tech and modern. Due to this, it will be easy to choose a device suitable for the kitchen. The width of the dome hood starts from 50 cm, while they may look bulky. In a small kitchen it is better to install an embedded model.

It is easy to install the hood itself: a small skill in using a perforator is enough. It is attached without problems with their own hands, without assistants. But for models with flow-through air cleaning, you will have to install an air duct.

Examples in the interior

Due to their size, dome-type devices cannot be invisible.

Harmoniously fit them into the interior in two ways:

  • to choose a neutral model: its design should be simple, and the color should not stand out very much against the background of a kitchen set.
  • make the hood one of the key elements of the situation, which can not be paid attention to.

The main thing in this example is a table of unusual shape. And the hood is chosen as simple as possible: steel, without decor. Its color and material contrasts with the facades, but this contrast is reduced by the metal parts of the furniture.Due to this, the device does not become the center of the composition, moving into the background.

And here the “hearth” is clearly highlighted, part of which is the hood. It stands out and bizarre shape, and color, and surface texture. Wooden lining at the same time and decorate it, and associated with other elements of the kitchen.

How to choose a device whose design does not destroy the overall impression? In the kitchens, decorated in a classic style or with "rustic" interiors, white and bright appliances look beautiful. Often they are stylized foci.

Chimney hoods with antique style decor fit well into the classics: reliefs, details in the form of cornices, imitation of sandstone tiles. They can be decorated quite strictly or luxuriously, as in the photo. In a small kitchen it is better to install a more modest option.

Classic does not have to be white. Strict dark furniture can be supplemented with a concise hood of a similar color.

Selecting the hood in the interiors in the style of country and Provence, you can stay on the light model with wooden trim. The surface can be decorated with paintings, this option will fit into the style of Provence.In this case, the simple dome hood was transformed by the details of the same color as the furniture. Flower decoration was the final touch. The metal stylized as copper looks good too. In the loft-style kitchen, steel appliances of a simple form, without decorative details, would be appropriate. This style is good because you can not hide wires and air ducts, but make them part of the composition. Hood selected the most simple, not attracting attention.

The interior in the high-tech style will be decorated with simple metal appliances and unusual models that combine metal and glass. However, not all dome devices fit into such kitchens. It will be easier to find a suitable model among inclined or stretch pipes. The surface of the device reflects adjacent objects. Because of this, it does not catch the eye, but does not merge with the wall. The hood softens the contrast between black furniture and a white wall. Another dark object appears, but it does not attract attention.

Here, on the contrary, the black hood stands out sharply against the background of other objects. The combination of black and red creates a catchy, but stylish interior.

Hoods dome shape reminiscent of old foci and fireplaces.Properly selected device will make any kitchen more comfortable. Manufacturers offer different options: expensive and cheap, simple and richly decorated. To make the choice will help knowledge of technical characteristics.

Review dome hoods in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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