Kuppersberg hoods: a review of models and tips on how to use

 Kuppersberg hoods: a review of models and tips on how to use

Often the kitchen is used not only for cooking, but also as a cozy room in which you can socialize with households. A pleasant conversation can prevent a variety of odors that remain after cooking. This problem is successfully solved by kitchen hoods that clean the air. Today there are a large number of manufacturers offering a rich assortment, including hoods of various shapes and designs. They easily fit into any interior, and sometimes even become a real decoration of the kitchen, combining beauty and functionality.

Embedded hoods are quite popular. They are compact devices that can be hidden behind furniture.They are able to efficiently and quickly catch small particles of smoke, grease and soot from the air. Such productive and reliable products at affordable prices are offered by the manufacturer Kuppersberg. This equipment guarantees high-quality air cleaning, has several speeds and is not inferior to ceiling and wall products.

Advantages of brand products

The models of the company are equipped with durable and reliable aluminum grease filters, which ensure extremely efficient and fast removal of dust, grease and other trace elements. Also, the devices save the room from traces of burning and unpleasant odors. At the same time, Kuppersberg offers customers not only the best helper in everyday life, but also an original design element that can make the interior more harmonious and elegant.

Products from Germany have many positive qualities:

  • filters can guarantee an efficient cleaning of the room;
  • they can be easily removed and washed by hand, and they are also easily placed in a dishwasher;
  • products have reliable soundproofing panels that save people from the discomfort associated with the operation of a powerful and high-speed engine;
  • the structure cannot break down or deteriorate due to overheating, since it contains special protective blocks, and the materials of which the hoods are made are not capable of igniting;
  • hoods have a smooth power control, which increases the convenience of their use;
  • the model range includes a variety of options, among which there are models with a large number of additional functions (some have bright backlighting and the ability to save electricity);
  • the manufacturer offers a lot of options (you can buy a fireplace, island, flat or dome hood);
  • All products have a stylish design and harmoniously fit into any modern interior.
  • Products have a different cost depending on the characteristics, so everyone can buy exactly what he needs.

The lineup

In order to choose a suitable option, it is necessary to pay attention to the most popular models and to consider in detail their characteristics.

Kuppersberg Slimlux 60 XG

This model must be built into the hanging kitchen cabinets. The air duct hides inside and becomes completely invisible.The holder can see only the lower part of the device, where the flat sliding screen is located. This design allows the hood to become an interesting and functional element of the interior room. The device has a sliding panel that allows you to increase the air intake and control the device.

When extending the unit turns on automatically. If you return it to its original position, it turns off. The power of the device is 550 cubic meters. The device is able to clean the air even in a spacious room. The hood has several working engines and 3 speeds. Switch the operating modes with the buttons.

The model copes with its functions extremely effectively, does not create a strong noise, does not disturb the calm of the household. The backlight has two lamps and perfectly illuminates the stove, and also creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Kuppersberg Slimlux II 60 XFG

The built-in model is easily attached to the hanging cabinet above the hob. It has two modes of operation and 3 speeds. They provide good performance and capacity of 550 cubic meters. The unit copes with combustion products that appear in the process of cooking,able to provide a normal microclimate. It is necessary to regulate the operation of this model through mechanical control. To set a certain speed, you must click on the button.

This option is very convenient. The work area is illuminated by two halogen lamps. Practical and reliable device make two engines and a metal grease filter. High efficiency of the unit saves energy by reducing the duration of work. Also, the manufacturer did not forget about the design of the device. It combines 2 stylish colors: black and metallic. Hood looks modern and spectacular.

Kuppersberg Slimlux 60 SG

The built-in unit hides in the wall cabinet when it is not in use and moves out only when the stove is turned on. Capacity - 550 cubic meters. The device has a 3-step power control and several modes of operation (air circulation, exhaust). In the "outlet" mode, the device removes the kitchen from the air of the working area, absorbing it and throwing it into the ventilation system. Then "dirty" air is discharged outside. Recirculation mode involves the purification of polluted air by means of a metal grease filter and a carbon filter. Then the air is released into the room.

This model is extremely productive and silent. It is able to perfectly clean the air and make the workspace fresh. Two halogen lamps evenly illuminate the work area that is used for cooking. The unit is characterized by high performance, ease of operation and practicality. It occupies a minimal amount of space and has a universal design that fits any interior.

Tips for choosing and installing

When purchasing a hood, you must carefully read some of the parameters which will help you choose a decent model.

  • It must be ensured that the noise level does not exceed 60 dB. If you do not pay attention to this parameter, the unit can work extremely loudly and create discomfort.
  • It is important to remember that the size of the model must match the size of the plate.
  • The working area of ​​the kitchen should have good lighting, so you need to buy a hood with a strong and strong light. The ideal option are LED light sources, as they are economical and durable. Well, if the brightness of the light can be adjusted.
  • You need to decide which control will be more convenient for you.There are many options: buttons, sliders, sensors. Touch panels are better, but have a higher cost.
  • There are models with additional features. It is better to choose a device with an interval on or a residual move.

In order to install the unit and ensure its proper operation, it is necessary to lay the air duct to the ventilation duct. To do this, you need a corrugated aluminum tube or a box of prefabricated plastic elements. The box has a more aesthetic appearance and does not hinder the movement of air.

For fast installation, jigsaw is needed. It is necessary to remove the cabinet from the wall, turn it upside down and mark the place where there will be a hole. Then you need to carefully cut the hole. Next, you need to drill the mini-holes where the device will be bolted. Hood connects to the bottom of the cabinet. It is important to make sure that the unit is securely fixed. Then the device is hung on the wall along with the cabinet. The air duct is connected and mounted (laid to the ventilation duct).

Do not forget about the instruction manual.Incorrect handling of the product during installation may cause it to fail in the future.


On the Internet you can see a large number of positive reviews about the products of this brand. Many people write that the product is durable, guarantees clean air in the room and works without unnecessary noise. In their opinion, high-quality units can make life much better and more pleasant.

Most owners of hoods say that the models have an original, but unobtrusive design that fits any modern interior. It is easy to use devices, thus it is possible to choose both the unit of the big size, and the compact device. Almost everyone who purchased the hood of this manufacturer, were pleased with their choice.

The video review on the built-in hood "Kuppersberg Slimlux II60C" see in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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