Hoods Maunfeld: types and rules of use

Trouble-free operation of the kitchen is possible only if there is a high-quality hood. The device should clean the air well, not be too noisy, but at the same time fit into the existing interior. All the above requirements correspond to the hoods of the English company Maunfeld, which has been on the market since 1998 and regularly supplies high-tech and convenient equipment. The use of modern Italian design along with classic English traditions makes each model incredibly stylish. In the Russian market, Maunfeld has been introduced since 2010.

Special features

When England is listed as the manufacturer of kitchen appliances, you can be sure that the buyer receives high-quality goods. The Maunfeld hood is just one such example.It demonstrates effective work, coping with air cleaning and eliminating inappropriate odors, it looks stylish and has a long service life. The model range is quite wide, and it differs not only by its performance, but also by its appearance: color and shape. It is important to mention a curious detail: design features are created for the specific requirements of each region. Representatives of the company turn to local specialists in order to jointly create the most attractive product for the consumer. For example, a technique created for Italian users is much brighter than that created for English households.

Maunfeld produces not only extracts, but also other components of the modern kitchen.therefore, the whole interior will turn out to be decorated in the same style. In general, the company has a well-deserved reputation for complying with international requirements, numerous audits and the use of safe materials. Not surprisingly, this technique is considered one of the best in the world.

Exhaust structures Maunfeld demonstrate high performance and quickly cope with the tasks.

Management is simple and straightforward: modes of operation can be changed by interacting with a touch, electronic or push-button control panel. In the presence of a large number of additional functions. For example, the hood can set the possibility of automatic shutdown, adjust the light, use the timer, use the intensive mode. Nevertheless, both the engines themselves and the lamps do not consume a large amount of energy. Finally, it is quite easy to change and clean the filters, and the small device itself does not take a lot of space from the kitchen space.


First of all, Maunfeld is characterized by a desire to satisfy the needs of customers belonging to different categories. Therefore, all appliances, including hoods, are available in three varieties: premium, comfort and economy. Premium class is characterized by high price, a large number of additional functions and an unusual appearance. The comfortclass has a basic set of features, and the price is quite average. Finally, the economy class has low productivity, but it is still enough to handle a small room.Unfortunately, this technique can be quite noisy.

Maunfeld allows you to choose the device, the most suitable for a particular kitchen. For example, the assortment includes both embedded and wall models of dome and flat type. As for colors, you can pick up any shade, even unusual for exhaust devices: light green, blue, red or some other. The built-in model is usually implemented in classic black and white, as well as brown and metallic shades. It can either be completely removed to the surface, or be telescopic, in which only the body is removed. In addition, in the presence of a flat suspended kitchen hood - usually it is mounted on the bottom surface of the upper cabinets.

Built-in models look pretty budget. For example, the standard flat hood, whose power does not exceed 320 cubic meters per hour, is sold for about 3.5 thousand rubles. The maximum price is found in a flat hanging rectangular hood with a push-button control panel and a capacity of 750 cubic meters per hour. The price of dome devices starts from 5 thousand rubles - this is equivalent to 420 cubic meters per hour.Elegant designs in retro style, which have a handle made of copper and a push-button switch of antiquity cost from 9 to 12 thousand rubles. For the dome (fireplace) hood in the shape of the letter "T" will have to pay somewhere 12.5 thousand rubles. For this amount, the buyer will receive an electric control panel and a stylish glass base. A metal hood, located near the wall, will cost about 14 thousand rubles. An unusual dome device with a body that changes color will cost the consumer 45 thousand rubles.

Island hood, as a rule, is chosen by the owners of spacious modern kitchens. Its performance reaches 1270 cubic meters per hour, and the minimum price is 33 thousand rubles. Designer inclined hood works with a capacity of 520 cubic meters per hour, but costs only 8 thousand rubles. It should be borne in mind that such models can be with vegetable painting, in the style of minimalism, bright colors or in the old style with a "bronze" railing. The front panel is either round or rectangular.

All models are equipped with fatty filters - they conduct a rough air purification. But at will, most often you can install a carbon filter that activates the circulation mode. Coal, on which the action of the cleaning mechanism is based, allows for better cleaning. Such filters are disposable, so they have to be changed every few months.

Popular models

Those who think about the long life of the equipment, often prefer the model Maunfeld Tower C 60, made of stainless steel. This design refers to the wall inclined technology and is suitable for kitchens of small sizes. Its maximum capacity is 650 cubic meters per hour, which manages to clean the premises, the area of ​​which does not exceed 20 square meters. The equipment looks modern, but at the same time it is universal - light silver color can organically complement any existing design. The hood is mounted directly above the stove, tight against the wall. In the presence of two modes of operation, including circulation, requiring a carbon filter. The device is controlled by a keypad.

Maunfeld Sky Star Push 60 black color impresses with its stylish appearance. This hood is inclined and mounted on the wall. Its capacity reaches 1050 cubic meters per hour, which is enough to serve 40 square meters of kitchen. The device is controlled using a keypad, the kit includes an aluminum filter, and if desired, you can also purchase a carbon one. There are three speeds. A separate advantage is the presence of resistant tempered glass.

Fans of the classics prefer a very neat and bright Maunfeld Gretta Novas C 90, presented in beige. The equipment is capable of developing capacity up to 1050 cubic meters per hour, which is also equivalent to 40 square meters of space. The device has an aluminum filter that can be supplemented with a carbon one. There are three speeds that switch with the slider. The hood can also work as an air purifier. Halogen lighting.

Maintenance and repair

The use of Maunfeld hoods is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to carry out the correct installation of the equipment, entrusting it to a specialist, and follow the requirements of the instructions. For example, it is strictly forbidden to independently try to fix something in an electrical ormechanical parts, as well as dispersion pipes. Do not connect the device to the network until the installation is completed. When the hood is cleaned, or the filters are replaced, you must also disconnect it from the electricity. Installation and maintenance are carried out only with gloves.

Maunfeld prohibits cooking dishes on a free fire that can spoil the filters, or on large quantities of oil. And also you should not keep things on the design or lean on it. At least once a month, the hood is cleaned according to the instructions inside and outside, for which a suitable cloth and a neutral detergent are used. It is impossible to use solutions on alcohol and with abrasive particles.

And it is also often necessary to check the filters.

Fat delay filters are cleaned either monthly or by a special alert system. They can be washed on their own or in a dishwasher at low temperature. The carbon filter can not be washed, it must be changed every two months. Although major repairs Maunfeld prohibited, change the light bulb is quite possible on their own. To do this, the LED rotates clockwise, is removed and changed to a new one, twisted counter-clockwise.


Customer reviews are mostly positive. Usually marked by a stylish appearance and high-tech equipment, for example, touch control and quiet engine. There are interesting comments that the power of the hoods allows even models of white color to be kept in perfect condition. In general, judging by the reviews, kitchen appliances are fairly easy to clean. Buyers are pleased that despite the low cost of some models, the quality still remains at the level. The main advantage of hoods Maunfeld called the ratio price - quality. Among the shortcomings can be identified a significant inconvenience when removing the fat filter in some models.

Video review of the black kitchen hood Maunfeld Irwell G see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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