Inclined hoods: features of choice and installation of structures

For each housewife, it is important to arrange the kitchen, which includes not only the layout of the room, but also the installation of such an important technique as an exhaust hood. To date, the market offers a huge range of exhaust devices, particularly popular among them are inclined models. They are easy to use, clean the air well and occupy minimal space, beautifully fitting into the modern design.

Principle of operation

Inclined hoods are a universal type of equipment, which is characterized by ergonomics and high performance. Such a device operates in an accelerated mode and provides quick cleaning and movement of air.

At the moment, there are several types of designs on sale, they differ in the principle of operation.

  • Tap-offs. Remove polluted air from the kitchen completely, replacing it with fresh.The cleaning process takes place through an air duct connected to the central ventilation shafts. At the same time, a non-return valve is necessarily mounted at the outlet of the system so that the dirty air cannot return to the room. Such units are considered the most effective and common, but their installation is complicated and requires the help of experienced professionals.
  • Recycle. They are placed directly above the gas or electric stove, since the cleaners only recirculate the air flow. Such options are most often chosen in the event that there is no possibility of installing air ducts in the kitchen. It is very simple to work the hoods - all evaporations from cooked food are sent to a special filtration system, they are cleaned and returned without odor and fat particles back to the room.
  • Combined. Are a mixed option. Such models are usually placed at an angle to the wall. The hood can be both telescopic and built-in.

The main advantage of this model is that the owner can independently choose the appropriate cleaning technology.That is, the device operates in the mode of both recirculation and air outlet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hood with a sloping design is found in the interior of many kitchens, this is due to the fact that it saves space in the room and provides free access to the hob. Just like the dome model, the sloping looks perfect in design, but unlike the first, it is better in functionality and performance.

The main advantages of such extracts include the following points.

  • High power. Due to the optimal size of the air intake and intensive absorption of vapor, air cleaning is performed instantly, without requiring additional power consumption.
  • Easy operation. As a rule, inclined units are produced on a remote control, which provides the ability to easily turn on, turn off the equipment and switch modes of its operation. In addition, the remote control can be controlled at a distance from the hood, it is very convenient. This feature has received positive feedback, since in the kitchen you can do several things at the same time without interrupting your workflow.
  • Quick installation. The design of the equipment is simple and it will be assembled without difficulty by anyone.
  • Multifunctional. The combination of high technology and compactness allows you to install such hoods in rooms of various sizes, which is especially important for small kitchens, where every centimeter of area is counted. In addition to air purification, the device also copes with the ventilation of the room and has the installation of the duration of work. Many models have auto power on and a “delayed start” function. In addition, the equipment is additionally equipped with built-in humidity detectors and starts cleaning the air immediately when the hob is turned on, independently adjusting the level of illumination.
  • Uncomplicated care. The degree of contamination of the filters shows a special indicator that creates signals in the form of flashing light. To clean the equipment, just wipe it with detergents and replace the filter.

As for the shortcomings, they are few. Some inclined hoods are made with a too powerful engine, which can cause excessive energy consumption. The cost of corner models is quite high.

How to choose?

Before you go shopping for a hood, you must carefully study the manufacturers rating and reviews of their products. In addition, the equipment is sold in a different design, form and equipped with certain functional capabilities.

In order to avoid mistakes in the selection, it is worth considering the advice of experts and pay attention to the following indicators.

  • Dimensions. The width of the hood must comply with the parameters of the plate and not be less than them. Since the hobs usually have dimensions from 60 to 90 cm, it is desirable to purchase a cleaning device 10-15 cm more. If this does not take into account and the evaporation zone exceeds the range of the unit, it will not be able to work effectively even at full power. Therefore, for electric stoves, it is recommended to choose hoods with a width of at least 65 cm, and for gas ones - 10 cm larger than the dimensions of the device.
  • Exterior. The design of the inclined structures can be different: from the classic strictly style to the modern with bright colors. The variety of colors and shapes allows you to quickly choose any model that matches the interior of the kitchen. Looks good in modern design as built-in, and telescopic or angular hood. Most importantly, it is harmoniously combined with furniture and other items of technology.
  • Power. Since the units are mounted under an inclination, the area of ​​its capture should maximally ensure air purification. It is advisable to buy equipment with a capacity of at least 200 watts. The main part of the hood is the built-in fan, which is responsible for the formation of thrust and is placed both directly at the ventilation inlet and to the side of it. Therefore, before choosing a model hood, it is important to clarify its performance, in many types of devices there may even be two fans. They guarantee high efficiency, but they are noisy.
  • Type of management. At the moment there are sloped hoods with touch panels and remote control available. Manufacturers of such models are not equipped with bulging buttons, as they outwardly spoil the design and do not combine with a perfectly smooth surface of the case. If, nevertheless, it is possible to find units with standard push-button control, then it is better to refuse it, since the buttons are less convenient and quickly clogged.
  • The material of manufacture. Most often, the hoods of this type are enameled, they are durable, resistant to mechanical damage and convenient to clean.Designs made of stainless steel, which by their technical properties are not inferior to enamel and look in the interior much richer and more refined, are also in great demand among buyers.

The only thing that stainless steel hoods require more thorough care, as they are easily scratched. Many homeowners additionally decorate aluminum enclosures with wood, such models are ideally combined with kitchen units. It is also interesting to see a chameleon-coated technique capable of reflecting the shades of neighboring objects.


Installation of the hood is considered a very crucial moment. To install a cleaning device with your own hands, first of all you need to determine its location. The unit must be hung above the stove at a minimum height of 50 cm in order to avoid burning. Then it is necessary to ensure the access of equipment to electricity, to fix the structure on screws, for models operating in duct mode, it will be necessary to additionally mount the pipes and seal the seams.

To make the hood look beautiful in kitchen design and work safely, it is also important to consider its distance from the ceiling. Before you hang the device, you must ensure that the parameters of its decorative cover corresponds to the height of the room. The mounting holes are prepared in advance using a punch. First, install all fasteners, then fix the ventilation grill itself. The corrugated pipe is put on a special protrusion in the grid and fixed on the clamps, sealing the gap with a sealant.

Upon completion of work, the design should be decorated by installing an external box and hiding all joints under the panels.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The interior of a modern kitchen is presented in various design options, but the main emphasis in it is placed on the design of the hood, since it not only performs the cleaning function, but also serves as a decor item. Today, an inclined kitchen hood with a chrome-plated surface under natural wood is very popular, it is an original addition to the headset and allows you to create a single style of space.

As a rule, a device with such a finish is chosen for spacious kitchens in which there is a cladding of walls and ceiling with wood. It is not necessary to install rectangular hoods, in the modern style flat and triangular shapes are welcomed.

Glass devices of volumetric sizes will become an excellent solution. Their glossy black or white surface can be easily combined with bright matte colors. To fill the room with home warmth and comfort, a beige extract is well suited, its panels will not look catchy, and the shades of furniture will beautifully accentuate.

In the event that the kitchen area is combined with the living room, the color scheme is selected in accordance with the shades of not only household appliances, but also decorative finishes. Connoisseurs of the classics most often prefer hoods in white, black, gray and brown.

White shade fills the kitchen with harmony and visually expands the space. To the interior did not seem too boring, it is recommended to complement the yellow, gray and red accents. For example, a kitchen with a white-yellow or white-brown hood will acquire both style and freshness. Do not be afraid to install inclined hoods of bright colors, they can be additionally decorated with drawings or unusual patterns.

If the kitchen is dominated by warmer shades, then the hood is best to get a light brown or beige color. It can be easily combined with the overall situation in the room and will give it charm and elegance. So that the device does not look "lonely", it is desirable to decorate it on the sides with various shelves, on which you can put original figurines and vases with flowers.

As for the black oblique hoods, they are easily suitable for any style. They look unusual in rooms where elements with black inserts are present in the decoration.

It is also important that the exhaust device is suitable for shade and to other equipment. For example, the acquisition of a black hood, a refrigerator and a stove would be an unusual solution; in this case a brighter and lighter note should be present in the kitchen set and wall decoration.

For how to install a Krona inclined hood, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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