Island hoods: characteristics, selection rules and installation of structures

 Island hoods: characteristics, selection rules and installation of structures

One of the main attributes of the modern kitchen is the hood, as it not only allows you to clean the air, but also protects the decoration and furniture from grease and soot. Today, there are many types of this device, but the island model deserves special attention, which fits perfectly into the kitchen interior of both apartments and private houses. Its design is easy to install and saves room space, filling the room with comfort and hints of modernity.

Distinctive features

Recently, many kitchens make out the island, such a layout is convenient and makes it possible to efficiently place furniture and appliances.For such an interior, an island hood is located in the center of the room. Thanks to innovative solutions, it can have various sizes and shapes, beautiful lighting and many types of fixings.

This kitchen design is multifunctional, made of quality materials and characterized by the following features:

  1. for the installation of exhaust equipment provided only ceiling mounting system;
  2. the device is equipped with several types of filters, which provides excellent air recirculation and more delicate cleaning;
  3. the equipment essentially differs in external execution which is presented by a vertical air duct;
  4. in such hoods there is no ventilation hatch;
  5. exhaust umbrella products movable, so its location can be easily controlled by lowering the bottom of the plate.

It is easy to pick up island hoods for the style of the kitchen, as manufacturers produce them in a huge assortment of designer models. It looks interesting in the interior as a round, and square or oval design, advantageously emphasizing the lines of the island zone.

Advantages and disadvantages

As a rule, all island-type hoods operate on a remote control and in parallel are equipped with a unique control system, thanks to which the chef does not need to independently determine the level of air pollution, which makes the cooking process as convenient as possible.

The main advantages of the device also include the following points.

  • Versatility. Exhaust equipment can be mounted in the center of the kitchen, and around its perimeter. Thanks to this, it is possible to rationally perform the placement of equipment and furniture.
  • Different types of designs. A huge selection of products made of glass, steel and ceramics will satisfy even the most demanding owners of the house. Hood, in addition to its main functions, will be a real decoration of the room.
  • High performance. The cleaning equipment is equipped with a heavy-duty engine, therefore it is characterized by high technical parameters.
  • Multifunctionality. The main unit is produced in different design options. There are commercially available hoods with reinforced lighting, which are embedded directly into the ceiling.They can perfectly replace the lamp during operation of the plate.

Popular models with electronic control and height adjustment. Designs with a double exhaust umbrella are in great demand.

As for the shortcomings, they are few. Island hoods work too noisily, so if quiet operation of the device is important for homeowners, then it is best to give preference to silent models. In addition, carbon filters of technology require timely and constant replacement, since they are not reusable and cannot be cleaned. A big disadvantage in such constructions is their high cost, if the family budget does not allow you to purchase an expensive model, then you can choose the usual one with a minimum set of functions.

Selection criteria

Before you go shopping for an island hood, you must calculate in advance the perimeter of its area of ​​operation and, accordingly, the amount of work. Thus, it will be easy to determine such important parameters as device size, fan speed and performance. In addition, it is necessary to choose the desired shape and type of construction that would be in harmony with the design of the kitchen.

In order for the equipment to reliably last a long time, it should be chosen, taking into account the following nuances.

  • Installation location. The location of the exhaust hood depends on whether the kitchen has the possibility of tapping into a centralized ventilation shaft. If such installation is difficult to do, then you need to purchase a unit operating in recirculation mode.
  • Power. It is chosen depending on the area of ​​the room. Typically, the capacity of the unit can range from 400 to 1000 m3 / h. Thus, even the simplest model will be able to efficiently serve a kitchen of up to 25 m2.
  • Noise. Since the device is characterized by high technical parameters, it works noisy. Therefore, experts do not recommend the installation of heavy-duty structures for small rooms. In order to work comfortably in the kitchen, it is advisable to choose hoods that create noise up to 40 dB, it is normally perceived and does not irritate the ear.
  • Types of management. To date, almost all the equipment produced with a touch panel. However, many people prefer remote control, this is especially important if the unit is set high.
  • Trademark. Selecting a particular model of the device, you must first read the reviews on it and check with the manufacturer questions of service and warranty service. It is best to give preference to well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market.
  • Design. Of course, the main function of the hood is to provide comfortable conditions during the preparation of food, but despite this, it must also be stylish and be combined with the rest of the interior. For example, a mobile white model is suitable for small kitchens, and for spacious premises you can buy more dimensional structures, complemented by shelves.

Popular models

Island designs are represented by a variety of manufacturers that offer customers both low-end and high-end appliances. Rating of popular models is as follows.

  • Ventolux Italia Isola 90. This is a product of an Italian manufacturer that has been successfully operating on the market for more than 10 years. The hood is available with a full range of features and touch controls. The case of the device is made of stainless steel, decorated with a beautiful and bright lighting.Thanks to a wide funnel, unpleasant odors are quickly absorbed, they are passed through a special filtration system and are either removed outside or returned to the room.

The design has only one metal filter, which serves for a long time, does not require replacement and is easy to clean. The equipment can operate at five speeds and has a high power level. Drawbacks have no drawbacks, with the exception of high cost and noise.

  • Hansa OWC 4778 IH. This unit is a quality product of the German brand, which is popular all over the world. The design is made of stainless steel, conveniently exposed to any height. Halogen lamps are responsible for the lighting in the hood, and the device is controlled using the touch panel. The aluminum filter of the unit, in addition to it, additionally provides a place for installing carbon filters, the level of pollution of which is indicated by the indicator.

Equipment can be washed with any detergent. Since the device automatically determines the intensity of its work, the 4 available speeds independently switch, depending on the degree of pollution of the room.In addition to silent operation, this hood is characterized by the presence of a sensor shutdown. There are no downsides to the model.

  • Zirtal KD-IS CUBE 70. The device is made in Italy, although the brand itself is based in Switzerland. Unlike the standard island species, this hood is characterized by huge dimensions that fit perfectly into the classic style of the kitchen. The body of the unit is made of stainless steel, easy to adjust. To control the operation of the device, you can use the touch buttons, in addition to them, in the case also built-in halogen lamps, providing good lighting.

The device operates at four speeds both in the mode of exhaust air flow, and in its recirculation. Filtering is performed by an aluminum filter, in addition to which it is possible to use coal. The device includes a timer and pollution sensor. The product is considered perfect, no cons.

  • Bosch DIA 098E50. These are products of a German brand that has successfully established itself in the market due to its high quality. The main feature of the hood is that its body is covered with laminated glass, and the backlight is decorated with four LED lamps.The device is controlled by an electronic touch panel. During filtration, polluted air can be either removed from the room or simply cleaned without removal. Despite the fact that the device is equipped with three power levels, it creates quite a lot of noise during operation and does not have timers.


The process of installing an island hood is simple, so it is quite possible to cope with it yourself without the help of specialists. The most important thing is to prepare the ceiling for installation and to be able to use electrical tools to mount.

Work will consist of the following steps.

  1. First you need to lay the wiring and mount the duct. Usually all these communications are placed under the ceiling and then decorated with a hanging system. Electrical wiring is taken the most common, without switches, and it is desirable to choose air ducts rectangular or round, made of plastic. As for the corrugations, it is not necessary, as it will quickly become clogged and create additional noise.
  2. Then attach the structure itself. The hood can be fixed to the ceiling using studs with collet or special cables,the choice depends on the type of model.
  3. Next, the device is connected to the wiring and duct. The wires are connected to each other at the terminals, and the air duct is connected via a pipe.
  4. The final moment is the installation of protective covers. It is simple - the ventilation openings are closed with regular boxes. As a rule, hoods are sold in complete sets, so the exterior is assembled quickly and easily. The only thing that has to be done is to fit the box to the size, and to install two of its halves around the duct.

To simplify the installation of the unit, it is recommended to carry out all the work even at the stage of repairing the kitchen, before the ceiling construction is stitched. That is, the main thing is to fix the main elements, and the rest can be done after finishing the kitchen.

Beautiful examples

To date, there are many options for the design of a kitchen with an island hood, as the product is produced in the form of a square, a glass, a drop and a cube. Most often, such models are chosen for rooms in which minimalism and high-tech style prevail. Due to the unique design, it is possible to zone the room, especially when the kitchen space at the same time combines the dining room and the living room.In this case, the cooking place is equipped with all the necessary equipment, a tabletop, and above the stove is placed an exhaust hood, which should be in harmony with all the details in the interior.

A glossy white model inlaid with platinum or gold looks classic in the kitchen in a classic style. It is recommended to decorate it with lighting devices in a crystal frame. For the modernist direction, it is best to choose oval or round designs, made in bright colors. Glass or metal hoods in the form of flying saucers or space rockets are very popular in the interior.

If the kitchen is filled with fresh paints, then exhaust devices decorated in the form of flowers, butterflies or leaves will be original in it. A real masterpiece of design will be the design of the island zone in a maritime theme. To do this, the hood should be decorated with such decorative elements as fishing nets and ropes, and on its body to put images of marine life.

How to mount the island hood, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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