Specifications of Shindo Domestic hoods

Stylish accent in the kitchen interior or unobtrusive addition to the kitchen in the style of Hi-Tech, functionality and quality according to European standards - all this applies to exhaust equipment from Shindo Domestic. This brand for many years of cooperation with Russia fell in love with the domestic consumer and established itself as a reliable manufacturer of kitchen hoods.

About the manufacturer

Shindo is a well-known company that develops and manufactures kitchen hoods for modern design. For many years, this brand has been trusted by customers in Russia and the CIS countries.

A country-manufacturer extracts ShindoChina. Dealer of the brand in Russia is the company “KaventDom”, which for many years has been working with major global manufacturers and online stores.

Shindo Domestic has branches in many countries around the world. Leading European engineers are involved in product development. Product design is focused on the modern consumer and is a strong competitor to well-known global brands.

The lineup

Sloping hoods

Inclined hoods Shindo become an original decoration of modern cuisine through the use of transparent or tinted glass. The glass element helps to mask the massive metal body, makes the design less bulky, visually facilitates the interior. Shindo Domestic uses for the manufacture of equipment shock-resistant glass, which allows you to make the operation as safe as possible.

One of the advantages of the oblique type of hood is the angle of inclination, which gives the maximum free space. This is true for small kitchen rooms, where other models of hoods look massive and take up a lot of space.

For spacious kitchens is always can pick up powerful model Shindo.

  • Ganimed. The unusual design is manifested in the reverse inclination of the base of the hood. The body of strict style is made of stainless steel and glass. Maximum capacity - 760 cubic meters per hour.Illumination of the surface is carried out with halogen lamps. Touch control, there is a display with an indicator of pollution and auto-off function. With sufficient engine power of this exhaust, the noise level is very low, which is undoubtedly another advantage.
  • Kalipso. Unique design with heat-resistant and round-shaped glass. Under the glass there is a touch control panel, which includes a clock, a timer and a pollution indicator. The motor is made of steel with Teflon-coated and works in four speeds. With a capacity of up to 760 cubic meters per hour, the noise of the kitchen hood does not exceed 36 dB. This unusual model is a model of harmony and style.
  • Aliot. Shindo Aliot models have a width of 0.6 and 0.9 m. The refined oblique design of such hoods is combined with innovative technical equipment. LED lighting. The control panel is represented by a touch screen. Unlike the above models, it has only 3 speeds of work. But the motor, made of steel, gives a performance of up to 800 m³ per hour.
  • Pallada. Ultramodern model with perimeter air absorption system. The edging is made of glass.It features a comfortable touch control, including a clock and auto-off timer, with a capacity of 760 cubic meters per hour and a low noise level during air purification. The Pallada Steel model is equipped with rotatable halogens.

Built in hoods

Shindo's brand-name built-in hoods are a universal solution for any kitchen. A special feature of this type of hood is that most of its body is hidden behind the kitchen cupboard. This means that the device does not violate the organic interior of the kitchen, but increases the functionality of the kitchen as a whole. Fresh air, cleanliness, durability and free working space will be provided by Shindo Domestic built-in hoods.

Models are equipped with everything you need: a set of fasteners for installation of equipment and removable reusable grease filters. Metal filtering equipment is convenient to remove and clean. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the power of the device. For the kitchen of small dimensions do not require too powerful hood, in order to avoid overpayments for electricity.

  • Libra. Built-in hood is very compact and easy to install. There are models 50 and 60 cm wide.The degree of noise during operation is low and is only 38 dB with a capacity of 400 m³ / h. The model operates at two speeds in the modes of exhaust and air circulation. Lighting on the Libra halogen models. Mechanical control, there is a keypad.
  • Maya. The traditional colors of the models in this series fit any kitchen. A bit of creativity to the design adds a glass front panel. Like the previous model, Shindo Maya hoods are available in two sizes. Two speeds of work, management happens on the keypad. The lighting in this case is LED. Hood is compact and does not violate the integrity of the kitchen decoration.

Flat hoods

Flat-style Shindo hoods are great for lovers of classic design. Such models will be an excellent option for a limited kitchen space and the impossibility of placing a classic dome model. Shindo Domestic flat hoods are distinguished by their functionality and good performance. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and maintain, and are affordable.

Shindo flat hoods include grease trapping and carbon filters.No installation accessories are required for installation and operation.

  • Emi. The white Shindo Emi model is available in two sizes. There are 3 modes of operation, which are controlled mechanically. The capacity is 350 m³ / h, which is suitable for a small standard kitchen. The area of ​​the hood covers the entire work surface, which allows you to quickly clean the air from pollution and odors. 4 coal filters are included in the package.
  • Gemma. Equipment Shindo Gemma is presented in several colors, which allows you to choose the perfect option for the kitchen of any color. This is one of the most popular models in the Russian market. The elegant shape, silent operation, electronic control and full equipment are just some of the advantages of the Gemma hood. Productivity reaches 420 m ³ / hour. The device operates at three speeds. On the edges of the body incandescent lamps are lit.
  • Metida. Suspended kitchen hood Metida - compact model with a swivel decorative glass visor. The hood power is small, so it is recommended to purchase it for small kitchen rooms. Control is carried out on the keypad.The hood operates at three speeds in the modes of exhaust and air circulation. The kit includes one carbon filter.

T-shaped hoods

Extracts of this type are characterized by simplicity of forms and stylish design. The body of the models is massive, and the working panel can be used as a shelf. Convenience T-shaped hoods in the presence of good lighting, high performance and functionality. Massive and powerful hood Shindo is perfect for spacious rooms and organically fit into the interior design.

  • Atlas. This model includes a multifunctional LCD-display and touch controls. This is a sample of the latest technical developments of the company's engineers. Capacity reaches 800 cubic meters per hour. The body is made in the color of stainless steel and is available in two sizes (60 and 90 cm). Illumination of the working surface is halogen lamps. There is a clock and auto-off timer.
  • Gravity. Powerful hood suitable for both classic and modern kitchens. The stylish black case is decorated with decorative lighting. Illuminate the work surface LED lamps. The performance of this model is 1000 m³ / h.The package includes 3 fat filters.
  • Demeo. New from Shindo with touch controls and a unique design. Powered by three speeds. Lighting - LED. The maximum capacity of this model is 550 cubic meters per hour. It requires two grease filters (included in the kit) and two carbon filters, which are purchased separately.

Dome hoods

This type of exhaust equipment from Shindo Domestic is currently represented by one model - Reya. It is made of high-quality steel, in the classic chimney-shaped dome.

Of the advantages of this type of hood:

  • two metal fat filters included;
  • high-quality air purification in rooms with a large area;
  • the presence of additional spotlights, providing a smooth and soft lighting.

The reduced height of the body gives the visual lightness of such an exhaust in the interior of the kitchen. Control is carried out on the keypad. The performance of the model is 500 cubic meters per hour.

Among the shortcomings of all models can be noted only two. Sometimes, when turning on high speed, exhaust can make a lot of noise and interfere with the household. In addition, prices for quality products are not low.

User's manual

The quality of the device depends on the correct installation. Installation should be entrusted to professionals with extensive experience in this field. Before installation, it is important to determine exactly in what mode the device will work, and whether an air vent is necessary. To exhaust air into the ventilation shaft, a corrugated pipe or plastic ducts will be required. The latter option is more expensive, but it looks more aesthetic.

Any model hood should be at a safe distance from slabs. If the stove is gas - then the distance should be at least 75 centimeters. You can connect the hood using the power supply, but experts recommend using a special separate cable.

Warranty service hoods and repairs carried out by special service centers, which are in many cities of Russia and abroad. Manufacturer's warranty Shindo lasts 2 years. During this time, you can contact the support of the company's hotline. If the warranty period has expired, and the hood has become faulty, you should contact a service technician.

Numerous reviews of Russian buyers about Shindo Domestic technology confirm the quality and efficiency of exhaust equipment. Any hood Shindo will look great in the interior of the kitchen, will relieve from the problem of air pollution during cooking and will last for many years, leaving the most positive impressions about this brand.

Among the negative reviews, consumers have noted frequent breakdowns of some models, as well as noise levels.

An overview of the characteristics of the Shindo Columba hood is shown in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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