Siemens hoods: pros and cons, features of choice

Many large brands today offer customers high-quality equipment for air purification. Siemens company among them. Siemens hoods are in high demand among buyers due to the company's good reputation in the market of household appliances.

About brand

The German concern Siemens AG operates in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering, industry, transport and communications. Kitchen appliances produced by this brand for about 170 years. Manufacturer Siemens successfully competes with leading companies in high efficiency of production and functionality of the produced equipment. The equipment produced by the company undergoes regular changes, taking into account modern design finds and the requirements of potential buyers to the functionality and interface of exhaust equipment.

As a brand from Germany, there is no doubt. Products are tested for compliance with quality standards - durability and reliability. Exhaust kitchen appliances Siemens has established itself as an environmentally friendly, functional and energy efficient products. Today, Siemens even manufactures hoods with an integrated screen, which make the cooking process as comfortable as possible.

The cost of kitchen equipment from this manufacturer significantly exceeds the prices of models of lesser-known brands. This is due to the declared quality and innovative approach to the manufacture of products. When purchasing Siemens extracts, the buyer is always sure of the manufacturer’s guarantees.


Exhaust technology from Siemens is represented by various types:

  • built-in;
  • insular;
  • wall mounted.

Built-in hood is located in the closet above the stove, which helps to save a significant amount of space in the kitchen. There are fully built-in hoods, as well as models with a sliding panel, which are completely hidden and extend only for the duration of work or for cleaning.

The modern design, which fits perfectly into the kitchen interior, distinguishes Siemens island and wall dome hoods. Models are presented in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

The type of control can be electronic or mechanical. Sizes - from compact to overall. Before buying it is important to determine in advance the size of the body, as well as the rate of performance of the equipment, taking into account the area of ​​the room and the frequency of cooking.

The power of such equipment from the manufacturer Siemens is 400 m³ per hour and above. This is quite enough for a small kitchen. To accurately calculate the optimum performance of the hood, multiply the volume of the kitchen by 10.


Built-in hood usually works on the principle of air recirculation. Some types of equipment provide the ability to exhaust air, for example, model L1 46631 IX. Embedded models are more economical than others, as they are almost invisible in the interior and do not need an effective finish. Differ in quite low noise against high performance. Built-in hood Siemens is functional, there is no difficulty in installing.

The pollution indicator indicates the need to clean the grease filterwhich, in turn, is easily removed and cleaned. Lighting is provided by halogen lamps.


Siemens island hoods are very convenient because they give you freedom when planning the kitchen arrangement. The flexibility of installation options allows you to mount them in rooms of any kind. Island hoods are attached to the ceiling with a pipe and can be installed directly above the stove. Using an adapter will allow you to install this hood even on a sloping ceiling.

The lighting in the cooking process is provided with energy-saving LED lighting. Many models are equipped with additional sound insulation.

Wall mounted

Wall hoods from the manufacturer Siemens differ in shape, size and functionality. For example, models LC 958BA90 and LC 968BA90 have a width of 90 cm and a capacity of up to 800 cu. m / h And the latest model is one of the few hoods in the catalog, presented in black. The mode of operation in these types is represented by two types: the mode of withdrawal and circulation.

It should be noted that the carbon filter is not included in the package of these models and must be purchased separately. The control panel contains a switch for operating parameters of the hood, an on / off button, and buttons for regulating the power of the fan. It is also possible to control the functions: lighting, timer, interval operation (starting at a certain time every hour), information output, residual progress, basic settings. Just above the control panel is a digital display to display the current operating parameters.

For owners of large kitchen premises, Siemens offers a wall-mounted hood LC 258BA90 120 cm wide. It is similar in function to the models described above, but due to the large size there are differences in the lighting system.

LC 968BA90
LC 958BA90
LC 258BA90

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Siemens exhaust technology:

  • availability of touch and electronic control mode displayed on the display;
  • backlight, which provides good illumination of the working area, and therefore - energy savings;
  • non-fireproof insulation materials;
  • high-quality filters to quickly get rid of strong and unpleasant odors in the room;
  • Siemens hoods are equipped with a noise absorbing unit, which ensures quiet operation;
  • use of enhanced filters when using the Clean Air mode;
  • equipment system SoftLight, which allows for the smooth regulation of the intensity of the backlight;
  • ease of installation (you can connect any model of exhaust equipment from Siemens in half an hour);
  • functional interface: voice control, timer, intensive cleaning, monitoring the state of filters;
  • easy cleaning of the case;
  • variety of designs;
  • warranty up to 1 year from the manufacturer.

One of the reasons why buyers prefer kitchen appliances from Siemens is uninterrupted operation for a period of up to 10 years. Therefore, those who are looking for an extract for the kitchen with the expectation of a long-term work, it is recommended to make a choice not in favor of budget-class products, but look at models of famous brands.


  • the inconvenience of cleaning the case for some models of Siemens, but this can be avoided by regularly monitoring the cleanliness of the case and avoiding heavy contamination;
  • inconvenient location of the control panel on certain models, giving the opportunity to see the data only to people with high growth.

Popular models

We offer to get acquainted with the most popular goods brand.

  • For the minimum cost you can buy compact built-in hood LI64MA520. Control - mechanical and carried out when opening the sliding panel. In the same price category, you can pick up a classic Siemens hood dome type in white or black. Embedded models with higher performance can have four speeds, as well as intensive mode. The panels contain electronic switches, and the throughput reaches 700 m³ / h.
  • Available telescopic models with halogen lights, filters and two motors. Filters allow cleaning even in the dishwasher. Telescopic hood is a retractable flat panel, which is retracted in off-time. The power of such equipment is about 400 m³ / h. At the same time, the model is compact and easy to use.
  • For the minimum cost you can find steel Siemens wall-mounted hood with a size of 60 cm with a classic design, for example, LC65KA270R. The model has 3 speeds, power - 540 m³ / h. There are devices with an unusual base, made of glass.
  • T-shaped wall models often have a screen and a keypad.The size of such an exhaust, made of steel and glass, is usually 90 cm wide. T-shaped hoods have a capacity of more than 500 m³ per hour, which allows to solve the problem of air purification in a fairly large kitchen area. Using two cleaning modes allows you to quickly remove all contaminants and clean the air. The interface of this model is represented by an electronic control panel.
  • Exists chimney type exhaust equipment capacity from 690 m³ / h. with fat filter panels. Fireplace hoods have a width of about 50 cm, and a very diverse design. You can always find a powerful model with minimal noise.

    Chimney hood LC98BA572 works in two modes. The control is carried out by touch; an automatic mode is available. This model has a width of 90 cm and a maximum capacity of 860 cubic meters / hour.

  • Siemens has a range of exhaust equipment including auto power off mode, backlit display, SoftLight lighting and the function of adjusting the brightness of the light during operation. Intensive mode of operation of this model is characterized by performance up to 860 m³ / h.
  • Hood with integrated TV perfect for saving space in the kitchen. The capacity of 650 cubic meters / hour is enough for very fast air cleaning in the kitchen. Management is facilitated by additional timer functions for setting the cleaning duration, pollution indicator, electronic control panel, halogen backlight and auto power off mode. Such models fit perfectly into the modern interior and are compact.

Filters for exhaust equipment

In kitchen hoods today two types of filters are used:

  • carbonic;
  • fatty.

First of all, air processing is carried out with a grease filter, then the coal barrier draws in air, processes it and releases it outside. The carbon filter is installed behind the grease catcher and is used for air recirculation. If available, the hood can be installed anywhere without venting. The carbon filter works smoothly. He recycles the air without taking it outside the kitchen.

The range of kitchen appliances Siemens is regularly updated with new models that are affordable and functional. A wide range of products allows you to choose a hood classic or modern style, for small and spacious kitchen facilities, with a user-friendly interface and many additional features. Siemens kitchen hoods provide harmonious equipment for any kitchen and for many years high-quality air purification.

Review of Siemens hoods see below in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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