Corner hoods: features and varieties

 Corner hoods: features and varieties

For the rational use of kitchen space, some people focus on the corner of this room, where it is possible to find a place for a stove, to arrange a sink or to install a hob.

A gas stove or hob must be equipped with at least a small hood. It will not allow the spread of steam and unpleasant odors throughout the room.

The best option for an interior with an angular layout would be a hood design, designed for installation between two adjacent walls.

This version of the hood is not worse than conventional models in terms of performance, but is more convenient to use, and thanks to a large selection of modifications, the corner hood will emphasize the sophistication of the kitchen room.


Corner hoods are a category of hanging fixtures for the kitchen room. Basically, such a device has the shape of the letter "T" or a dome design.

Very rarely, in the corner space of the kitchen, flat modifications can be found, as well as hoods with an oblique design, since such products are intended for installation on a straight wall surface. To install such a product in the corner, you need additional preparation of its location.

It is noteworthy that they can be operated according to different principles of air purification: standard or recycling. In the first embodiment, the air passes through ventilation, in the other there is a circulation in which air is passed through the filters, after which it is cleaned and returned back to the room.

Kitchens with corner hood and stove look much more harmonious, since in such a zone it is easier to hide a wide air outlet and build the necessary communications.

If the kitchen has a large area where there is a high probability of contamination, the best option would be to install a corner piece that has both cleaning systems at once.

When using this device, you can get a number of advantages:

  • effective cleaning of indoor air;
  • the ability to independently select the required power of the product and determine the appropriate model;
  • Saving space in the working part of the kitchen: the hood is neatly located in the corner space;
  • usability: modern models are equipped not only with buttons, but also with a touch panel and remote control;
  • different modes of operation, which make it possible to change the speed of air purification;
  • ease of installation: without errors install the hood in the corner of the room is possible without the help of a specialist;
  • reasonable price in comparison with the most dimensional modifications and having a complex management.

The latest models are characterized by the absence of large noise during operation, which was previously the main problem during the operation of such devices.

Also one of the advantages of mounting angular options is the elimination of the need for specialized maintenance and cleaning of this technology. The described modifications will work for many years and will function properly, because they do not need special care.

If there is a hood equipped with carbon filtration, it will be necessary to change the filters inside the product from time to time, but this procedure is simple and you can do it yourself.

How to choose?

The price of products with an angular design mainly depends on the power, noise, type of construction and form of execution, therefore it is necessary to first choose the most suitable model for yourself.

There are some features that need to be considered when choosing a hood.

  • The quality of a device may be evidenced by its performance data. The instructions for use for exhaust devices indicate the amount of air that is being cleaned during one hour of the exhaust operation.
  • The power of the device must be calculated in accordance with the volume of space. The best option would be to choose a hood with a margin of power. In this case, the kitchen will always be in its pure form and with fresh air. Power exceeding 600 cubic meters per hour is considered large for exhaust devices, such a device is suitable for kitchens with average sizes.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the hood.Since often this device is installed after the arrangement of kitchen furniture, it is likely that it will be necessary to adjust the device to the dimensions of the hanging furniture. It is not necessary that the device fits perfectly in size, as long as it looks harmoniously against the background of the kitchen.
  • When purchasing large-sized equipment, for example, an exhaust hood of the 900x900 mm type, in the hope of getting greater performance, you should not forget that the space in the room will decrease, and the quality of air cleaning is not a fact that it will be better. It depends on the speed and power of the instrument, and not on the size of the channel.
  • Models made in the shape of the letter “T” look much better in the interior of the kitchen room because they take up less space. Hoods in the form of a dome can be placed in the corner, if the room has a large area.
  • It is necessary to determine in advance how critical the noise level during operation of exhaust technology. Modern devices can work almost silently, but it is inherent in rare models. On average, this figure is in the range of 40 to 60 decibels.
  • Hoods can be made of different materials. It is safe to say that they are all quite durable and resistant to wear, because of this, this factor affects only the design of the room. Products can be made of steel, aluminum, have a coating of glass, enamel or ceramics, have wooden inserts.
  • Corner exhaust appliances can be designed for different parts of the kitchen. Before buying, you need to make sure that the correct model is chosen, according to the installation site. It happens that the hood is suitable only in the right or left corner.
  • When choosing a model that is put forward during operation, you should take into account the fact that you need to eliminate obstacles created by the doors of neighboring cabinets, as well as take into account that the hood does not prevent them from opening.

It is worthwhile to install the corner version of the hood only if you are sure that it will be convenient to use it when cooking. If in doubt, it is better to stay on standard designs. The devices of the angular type are functional and ergonomic, but at the same time, the bevelled corner of the kitchen visually reduces the free area.


At present, when designing the kitchen room, they prefer moderndesign directions.

Styles applied:

  • modern;
  • high tech;
  • loft;
  • minimalism.
high tech

An excellent option would be hoods that have a panel with touch controls and an LCD display. The most important factor in choosing a hood will be product design. Large assortment makes it possible to choose a modification that fits to the interior of the kitchen room. The most common among consumers are exhaust designs in the classical style. They are in perfect harmony with the overall interior design, have not complicated and stylish design. Classic design will always be in fashion, and therefore sought after by buyers.

Pretty original and attractive modern hi-tech style. Exhaust devices of angular type have bright and solid design. The shape of the models is smooth, does not have unnecessary decorative details. The devices look as stylish and modern as possible, ideally complementing the kitchen atmosphere.

Provence has a special style. He deserves special attention. At the moment, this direction has gained great popularity among buyers. Distinctive features of the style create a comfortable and cozy home environment.

The direction of the loft has a simple smooth configuration and creates a special comfort in the kitchen.

Often in kitchen design they use several directions, and it looks very interesting. In this case, the built-in hood has a special relevance.

When choosing an angular device, you must first take care of the plate, it should also be designed for angular location. This combination will provide an opportunity to expand the space and add some zest to the interior of the room.

The interior design can be arranged at its discretion, the only thing that is not recommended to install in the corner are standard models designed for linear layout. This is fraught with sad consequences, because it is unsafe according to the rules of operation.

In general, it is better to choose the style and design based on financial possibilities, but at the same time combine everything in such a way as to create harmony of all the objects in the room.

How to make the hood in the kitchen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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